Wednesday, December 09, 2009


Winter finally showed up with a vengence! Up till now, we have had a mild fall/winter season. It's rare that we don't have snow by a matter of fact, it is even more rare to still have very sunny warmish days in Nov even. Yesterday was our day out, and full of sunshine and crisp fall air. No snow in sight...shoe weather. I am so glad we got so much shopping for xmas done, because today...actually only from this morning...we have been got this...

First snow winter o9 (2
Chris shoveling because the snow removal tractor hasn't come yet and we were expecting someone so there needed to be some room lol
First snow winter o9 (3
The back deck..
Then within only 4 hours, Chris had to go out again start all over again!...the winds and snow was really bad...
First snow winter o9 (4
YAY! The tractor is here! The tractor is here!
First snow winter o9 (6
Sure makes quick work of a 7 car driveway full of snow!
Snow much?
Needless to say it was all or nothing this year, gradual inching into we got the full forse gails of blizzard, aprox 1 foot of snow in one day..ooouufff...Where are my thick boot socks!?
The good news is we paid for the snow removal for the driveway...GREAT IDEA! and worth every penny!

Thursday, December 03, 2009


It's not officialy Xmas untill all the decorations are out! We got it done lastnight. I couldn't wait this year. I love it, the house looks great. I even did the village with a train set going around the tree base. Something I hadn't done in years. Here are a few photos.
NOËL 09 1
NOEL 09 (10
I like to try different things when I do my tree every so often. Some years I do lots of bows, or pearl garland ...This year I got fake holly twigs, and stuck them all over, I just love how it looks, Mostly red but a few gold ones.
This next photo, I just love! It just worked....looks like Mikey is sliding down the ribbon, looks up at the big crystal in his way as if to say Uh Oh...and u also see the red holly I am talking about just behind him ...
NOËL 09 2
Day time pic...
NOËL 09 8

I have a few more pics in flickr...or just click on any of these to make them bigger.....I am thrilled it's all done...I got some great news this week. My dad and his wife will be flying in from Saskatchewan to spend Christmas with us. My sister Brigitte and her husband Glen is also coming from Ottawa as dad will be here...I am beside myself. It will be the first Christmas with my emmediate family in over 27 yrs! This will be an awesome Noël with family , fun and making new memories!!

What are your plans for this Xmas? Do you have special traditions? I love hearing what different family do for their holidays...

Tuesday, November 17, 2009


We have had the most awesome November that I can remember! The sun has been shining bright and the temperatures have been unbelievable. Which has made putting the xmas decorations up on the new house a real pleasure. Seriously, it has been t-shirt weather as long as the sun is out.

Chris has done the best part of the work I deligate and decide details lol. We are pretty happy with the results. What do u think?


Click any photo to make bigger or if u want to see the few more pics that are in flickr...I am now ready for it to snow! Lots of it! Everything will look marvelous with all the white..I am hoping to take a nice photo at xmas time, with the lights of the xmas tree peaking through the front window, lots of snow use as my xmas card next year..but I am no photographer lol...we will see.
I look forward to decorating the inside of the house now. Not till December but I am chomping at the bit lol. First time I have been anxious to hall all the xmas decorations and the tree upstairs in yrs!! lol...

Wednesday, November 04, 2009


My fav, used as desktop,

I love this time of year, the cool after a humid summer the change in landscape, the rich blank of colours. This from a woman who is colour blind lol...I may not see the same as others but I do see colour nonetheless.
I love trees when they have lost all their leaves...the detail of all those individual branches at times looking fragile, yet part of a bigger whole that is so strong. The Silhouette of such a tree against the backdrop of a beautiful sky is one of my favorite things. Chris and I took a short walk this week, near the river close to home...there was a field with thousands of Canadian Geese resting during their mygration. The sky was so full of colour and the trees were beautiful. I so wish I had my camera for a better quality photo but I took a cpl pics with Chris' phone...this one was my favorite. I even put it up as my pc desktop image lol.

Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well a few things have been going on...fall is setting in and with that, thankfully or not, the routine. As much as I love summer, especially this past one, I like the routine that fall brings.
One downside is that we found out that Chris' daughter had to discontinue her college classes, as her student visa hasn't yet arrived. What an anticlimax on many she has to wait till next session in Jan to restart. In the meantime, to keep herself busy, she has started a hugs fresque on the ceiling of her bedroom and just began guitar lessons.
It was my daughter Cleo's bday last sunday...19 yrs old! She celebrated with friends the eve, at a club and came out for a supper in Montreal on sunday.

In other news, my sore kneck and back was acting up, so I have begun a scedule of massage therapy. OMG! I should have done this yrs ago! Luckily, Chris' insurrance covers a good amount for that, each yr...and restarts in Jan, so thankfully I can get a number of massages untill the end of the yr. By then, all my kinks and kricks will be worked out lol...When I was taking jewelry classes last spring, one of the women I befriended happened to be a massage therapist. We hit it off right away, and bonus is she speaks english even! lol

The first massage I got, I swear I felt like a walking bruise for 3 days...I told her that next time, she might as well, grab me by the feet, swing me around to slap my body against the walls...them jump up and down on me while wearing hiking boots...then tie me in a double knitting knot...that way I may not hurt so much LMAO!!!
One of the things I must do however is take a hot bath with some essential oils, as often as I can to help the muscles. It had to forse myself to make the time but it has become something I enjoy...we really should make the time just for us....To make the experience even better, I was given a terrific gift as a house warming present from my dear friend Anna. It is one of those metal thingys you put across the bathtub that holds up a book or magazine, a glass of wine if u want etc...I LOVE IT!...I always think of Anna when I am wet and naked now LOL!.. I have taken to reading magazines in holds the mag perfectly! I love jewelry mags and decor mags, the O mag also...and I ofcourse found another seasonal centerpiece idea this week lol...finished 2 today. One for the living room and another for the centre of my kitchen island. Tell me what u think..Click on pics to make bigger...

Fall Centerpieces 09 ......3
Fall Centerpieces 09 ......5

A few more pics in flickr....I put tea lights under the bigger ones that I put holes in...using a drill bit lol...I chose gourds that had nice shapes and colours...the rectangular glass dish actually cost 2$ at the dollar store and the other bamboo one that has a neat shape was from one of those kitchen stores..It actually caught Chris' eye...and only cost 12$ and the gourds were not expensive. Both dishes will be used for many things...and I amused myself putting these together...however, I vow to buy myself a nice little drill set with diff bits ...the tools I used weren't great so it took me hours lol..

I am currently kicking around some decorating ideas for the office/guest room...we decided to take the computer desk out of there, as the family room is huge and had lot's of room...hense freeing up much space in the office for guest room...I love this part...the ideas keep u up to date lol...

Wednesday, September 09, 2009


So it's sad but true...Sept is here, hense its OVER!! Thankfully we had a beautiful labor day weekend so we made sure enjoy the pool. We won't be heating it past this weekend. ...
We had lot's of BBQ ...hotdogs sat, and hamburgers on sunday and monday was corn on the cob and lot's of it lol!
I also made a really cute center piece...I saw it in a magazine and thought, it was a great idea...Take 3 apples, hollow them out, (if u add abit of lemon juice to the water, it will prevent them from going brown right away)...then I cut some of the flowers I have growing around the house...turned out really cute if I do say so myself! Here is a photo....Click twice to see the full view..
Cute center piece idea 2

Thankfully I had a lot's of colours to choose from...Next yr, I may try with other fruit, like melons or oranges..
Hope you all had a nice long weekend...

Sunday, August 16, 2009

Welcome to my home...please come in ...

Front entery
Front entry ....
Below, is hallway...the watercolour above the antique buffet was done by Chris' father..
Fireplace in the living room...above it is a pastel done by Chris' father also...
wood fireplace upstairs
Living room...
Living room 2
Kitchen 4
Kitchen 5
dining side of kitchen
Living room 2
Master bedroom..
Master bedroom 3
Master bedroom 4
Master bedroom 2
Mater bathroom..and behind the mirrored door is my walk in closet..YES I KNOW!!! OMG!
Master suite bathroom
Family room downstairs...
Family room downstairs6
Family room downstairs5
Family room downstairs4
Huge space under the garage.
Pool room...
Pool room 3
Pool room 10
Pool room 9
Pool room 7
Thats just a few pics I put on her, many more in the flickr, just double click on any of these to go there....I have a few things to do yet, like find some artwork for our bedroom, ...get a high bar table for the pool room to go with the high stools I have...but for the most part, its done! I need a day bed for the office for company and maybe in a yr or 2 I can get a nice bedroom set lol...that will go well with the beautiful lounge chair that Chris had brought from France...

We had our housewarming party yesterday! It was a total success!! Everyone had a blast, enjoyed the pool and I was so happy to have a house full of guests to bless my home with laughter, fun and lot's of love...we had 28 ppl here at one point and we also recieved some lovely gifts from our friends ...the weather was awesome and we couldn't have asked for a better day!! I will share some photos of the party soon....

Sunday, August 09, 2009


Sorry I haven't posted in a few! Anyone who has moved, knows the million and one things that have to be done! I am pretty much done with the main floor of the house. I am pretty much satified with the touches of decore I have made here. The downstairs is not even close though lol, but that will be done soon, along with the office being organized.
The most important really was getting the clients rooms sorted out. We also got a new client already! So that makes 3 living here. I have room for one more, to share with our blind/mute it will be a client with high needs like him. Our new one is a nice gentleman, with downs syndrome..seems to fit in very well here.

As for the rest, well, we have also been trying to get out with the kids, as Chris was on holidays. He returns tomorrow WHAAA! We had some really fun days though...I put a bunch of new pics in flickr if interested, just double click on any pic I post on here to go see them.
My fav is this vintage type pic we had taken at Montreals amusement parc, called LA RONDE... I surprised everyone, by getting on ALL the rides! Yes I can still do it lol...had a blast!

Old Montreal above...La Ronde below...We loaded Chris with all the prizes won lol!


I am hoping to have my house warming party this coming I better have most of whats left, done! Once I am satified, I will take indoor photos...we have family that have been very patient waiting to see lol...especially Chris' parents in france who don't have a I will have to send them pics via snail mail.

Hugs to all, more to come soon, I promise!

Monday, July 20, 2009


Finally a photo with the sun shining! I love the entrance and the gorgous landscaping. I am just starting to get an idea of the perenials here! I have alot of weeding to get to also! lol...For right now though, we are still unpacking!
First day in new house, we had a rainbow !
The day we moved in, we stepped out onto the deck in the back, and had the gift of a rainbow! That's a good sign in my book! LOL
From the deck
It has been raining alot here but thankfully yesterday was a nice window of time with hot weather, for Chris and his kids to enjoy the pool, although overcast it was humid they really enjoyed it!
Enjoying the pool!
My wet Hulk!
So there are a few pics, more in flickr...We are just so thrilled to be here and settling into our new house. We went back to the old house this weekend for the last few things left behind and I washed all the cupboards and floors to leave it spic & span ..I know I sure appreciated this house being clean when I arrived..Although I wiped down all my kitchen shelves and doors here a day before moving stuff in, I was amazed at how clean it was left...unlike some places I have moved in the past...OY VEY!.....So we closed the door for the last time, on the old was a great house that served me well at the time I bought it, during a turning point in my life..when I left one life to start a new one. Not an easy task but one I will always be greatful for as my forethought to do the most difficult thing was the right decision...My life today attests to that.
This new house is totally due to the joint efforts of Chris and I together...Our first home chosen together. We hope to live here many many yrs!
So for now, back to unpacking lol...more pics to come ...

Thursday, July 09, 2009


Today was a super day for Chris and I ! We closed on our new house! OUR DREAM HOUSE! It was wonderful unlocking the front door for the first time.
This post wont be long but I was told lastnight by my dear friend Anna, that she better see me twirling in my new kitchen! Well here it is Anna....I hate seeing myself on video but I promised so I hope you are happy! LOL..

This weekend we will bring as much stuff to the house as we can. I was able to wash all the inside and outside of my kitchen cupboards tonight. So by Tuesday, when the moving co. comes to move our big stuff, most everything else will already be in the new house! I can't wait! So hopefully lot's of photos will be taken soon!

Thanks to all for such lovely comments of encouragement!

Saturday, June 20, 2009


We accepted an offer on our house lastnight! OMG it is actually happening! We are so excited!
We could actually be moved into the house above by the 2nd week of July...
I have been almost holding my breath since the moment we saw this house the very first time....part of me never really believed that it could happen. It answers all our needs on so many levels.
If lucky, we will be all moved in before Chris' children arrive on the 11th of july! How cool is that!
I am beside myself with excitement, emotion, and a million other things going through my head, not to mention counting boxes in my head ....oh I need bubble wrap! lol
WEll, many many photos will be posted when the time comes..I have to many ppl already wanting to see everything...untill the house is actually ours, the photos I have already wont be posted..but I just had to show u the front atleast lol.
All your well wishes and encouragements up till now have been very appreciated and I am sure they worked in our favour karmicly lol!

Tuesday, June 09, 2009


I just got these flowers delivered to me. Beautiful aren't they! There was also a little pc mouse stuck amongst them on a stick lol! I have been looking for one for a while now. He apparently found one and had the bright idea to have them add it to the bouquet LOL

When I called him at work to thank him for the flowers, he asked if they had a rodent problem lol...what a goof...Yes hun, I found the mouse in there lol.

It's hard to believe it has already been 3 yrs today that we got married. Time flys when your having fun!

Tonight we go for a nice meal out at a fav resturant.

Even with the pouring rain out, it's still such a beautiful day!

Thursday, May 14, 2009


WOW, where to start.
Ok, well, those who read me, know that we have been working on our downstairs. My once sewing room had to be revamped into a bedroom. We also had our room to repaint and fix up. Long over due. I hadn't mentioned why we started all this. We wanted to wait till it was official.

Chris' daughter will be living with us! We are very happy. Both his son and daughter were coming from France for the summer but his daughter isn't going back. She will start college here in sept. I am also thrilled for Chris to have atleast one of his children here. Hopefully his son will come in a cpl yrs to do the same.
More news still.....
We have known for a long time that we need a bigger house. Just reading the above, proves that point lol. I have however always hoped that I could have another client or two.
I have kept an eye open on houses for sale, out of curiousity and my own wish and dream that it could somehow happen some day. It happens that I saw an open house for one that was very interesting. I told Chris I thought we should go have a look. We have in past, seen a few show homes in new developements but as nice as they were, there was always something that wouldn't work for us. Specially given the needs one of our clients has..needing to be on a main floor all the time etc
Anyway, this was the first lived in home I have wanted to go see. It was more then I thought we could afford but it was stronger then me...I thought we should go see it.
We did...OMG it is a beautiful home! It also met all our needs and then some! I fell in love and so did Chris. It's our dream home and a place I could even have 2 more clients plus a room for each of our children....yes it has 7 bedrooms!
As Chris said, we have to try to see if its a posibility so we called the bank.
Cost nothing to try, and you lose more if u didn't and regret it always. So we saw our banker and it's taken a week but after crunching the numbers, it would seem that WE HAVE THE FINANCING! YAY! We have to sell our house ofcourse..but that's ok. We retained the agent selling the other house, we already have a sign on the lawn and we have been working like crazy getting the downstairs ready. After the initial sewing room clean, we hadn't gotten alot done, since we had lot's of time. Since this has happened, we havent stopped for 5 days. Painting, putting a new floating floor down in the former sewing room.Our room is now painted also...the rest of the downstairs is a mess from doing all that but we rented a storage space to put alot of the extra stuff we have. De clutter, de personalize, make it airy for showing. We have our first visit on Saturday...we are exhausted but happy and excited lol.We aren't going to do that headboard or paint my sidetables since we are hopefully moving. We will keep sewing room as an office like space also. All the things I got to make a pretty room for her will be used in the new home.

I have packed about 13 boxes already, cleaning out the uneeded things in my closet and labeled them all MASTER BEDROOM SUITE... I figured I should think positive, even not knowing if we had financing or not.
Right now we are getting more excited...I am visializing living there. This would be a perfect path to our retirement. In a house like that, being able to expand my work. I could put in another 15-20 yrs doing that then sell that house to retire. We would have ample room for all and even when the kids move on, we can use their rooms for clients if we wanted. It's all good and at a time when interest rates are much lower.
I am so excited! So is Chris! It will be our first house bought together and a home we could share with all our children together!
Send good thoughts our way, I am convinced they help. Wish for us that our house sells and all goes smoothly for us.

Will keep you posted....

Thursday, April 09, 2009


So I finished the 5th and last class for this series. I really enjoyed them all. Some techniques, I could take or leave but you never know when something your learned will come in handy. I have signed up for the Intermediate 5 class series in May. It depends on demand so I hope they schedule a weekend slot so I can go.

Of the 5 classes, this necklace is my least favorite. The technique is usefull however. How to integrate 2 or more stands to a necklace etc...My choice of beads was overkill lol, I have such a hard time choosing colours being colour blind that when I find something that works, I just go with not having alot of time before class, makes me rush, so this necklace turned out too bulky/big for my taste. No worries because I can take it apart and use the beads for something different...the focal point on this one is really pretty though, I will definately do something with everything on this necklace, just not together lol.

5th and last class 1

Closer view...

5th and last class 3

I have had some fun coming up with a cpl original designs of my own. Just fooling around. I made 2 of the one below....

First orginal

I gave one to my cousin for her bday..she loved it...and kept one for myself and got many comments..and my daughter wants me to make her one like it, but with a shorter chain...

My first orginal necklace.

Finally, my last experiment. I had fun fooling around. If I can make something non cemetrical, I will lol.....I wore is out and got nice comments on it...I think you will either like it or hate it lol....

2nd original

Closer view of 2nd original necklace.

So that's it for jewelry so far...I have been having fun, shopping for beads online...have to be carefull to not go overboard lol.

We are still working downstairs, getting stuff to start soon as we get our income taxes, I can order the new bedding sets I like for my bedroom and the other former sewing room that will become a bedroom. I have taken all the before pics!! I can't wait to take the AFTER!...This weekend I am in search of an old door..something with character if possible. We are going to check out a huge flee market..if we dont find one, I will just buy one from the hardwear store or $ the ones u can use in the house , that arent just flat...WHY?... well, I don't have a headboard or nice bedroom set, so I will paint a door and screw it to the wall behind my bed. To work as a headboard. I have some ugly bedside tables I am using now..that I plan on painting the same colour, probably black...Recycling and reusing lol...hopefully the total effect will look nice.

Happy EAster for those who celebrate ...Happy long weekend for those who don't lol.