Monday, July 20, 2009


Finally a photo with the sun shining! I love the entrance and the gorgous landscaping. I am just starting to get an idea of the perenials here! I have alot of weeding to get to also! lol...For right now though, we are still unpacking!
First day in new house, we had a rainbow !
The day we moved in, we stepped out onto the deck in the back, and had the gift of a rainbow! That's a good sign in my book! LOL
From the deck
It has been raining alot here but thankfully yesterday was a nice window of time with hot weather, for Chris and his kids to enjoy the pool, although overcast it was humid they really enjoyed it!
Enjoying the pool!
My wet Hulk!
So there are a few pics, more in flickr...We are just so thrilled to be here and settling into our new house. We went back to the old house this weekend for the last few things left behind and I washed all the cupboards and floors to leave it spic & span ..I know I sure appreciated this house being clean when I arrived..Although I wiped down all my kitchen shelves and doors here a day before moving stuff in, I was amazed at how clean it was left...unlike some places I have moved in the past...OY VEY!.....So we closed the door for the last time, on the old was a great house that served me well at the time I bought it, during a turning point in my life..when I left one life to start a new one. Not an easy task but one I will always be greatful for as my forethought to do the most difficult thing was the right decision...My life today attests to that.
This new house is totally due to the joint efforts of Chris and I together...Our first home chosen together. We hope to live here many many yrs!
So for now, back to unpacking lol...more pics to come ...


Granny Annie said...

You're not going to get any help with the unpacking as long as everyone is in the pool! LOL Congratulations on your beautiful and perfect new home. It will bring you nothing but more happiness!

kenju said...

The rainbow is a definite good sign and the new home is beautiful!! You will really enjoy the pool.

Star said...

Well deserved. And that rainbow is definately a sign of good things yet to come.

Anonymous said...

Ohhhh is so beautiful...thanks for the pictures..I am glad that everyone is having fun during the moving process...xo Fran

Anonymous said...

God bless you all, and your beautiful new home. Had gotten used to seeing rainbows so often in Hawaii. They are so rare and precious here. What a brilliant sign to welcome you and your clan to next phase of your life. Smiling ear to ear after looking at your pics. Hugs Ms moon..Chris..Cleo..Welcome to Chris's daughter and son. Hope to talk to you soon.

cindy wilson said...

Just wonderful I know where I am coming on my next Holiday....Pool and all...Enjoy you deserve the best and I am so happy for you.

With Love

PI said...

I hope you will be happy in your new home. It looks charming.
I too believe in leaving a house as you would wish to find it and with my mother's house I left a little potted history.

kenju said...

Moon, are you guys okay? Haven't heard from you in a while. Are you just basking in the glow from your beautiful new home?