Wednesday, November 04, 2009


My fav, used as desktop,

I love this time of year, the cool after a humid summer the change in landscape, the rich blank of colours. This from a woman who is colour blind lol...I may not see the same as others but I do see colour nonetheless.
I love trees when they have lost all their leaves...the detail of all those individual branches at times looking fragile, yet part of a bigger whole that is so strong. The Silhouette of such a tree against the backdrop of a beautiful sky is one of my favorite things. Chris and I took a short walk this week, near the river close to home...there was a field with thousands of Canadian Geese resting during their mygration. The sky was so full of colour and the trees were beautiful. I so wish I had my camera for a better quality photo but I took a cpl pics with Chris' phone...this one was my favorite. I even put it up as my pc desktop image lol.


Anna said...

I love autumn, it's my favorite season because of all the beautiful colors and I really enjoy hearing the rustling of leaves beneath my feet.

What a great picture, Chris' camera phone didn't do bad at all.


Melody said...

We don't really get an Autumn in the UAE - though I must say the weather is a hell of a lot more comfortable!

In Australia Autumn too is my favourite season...

Pat said...

Our leaves are still falling - all on my lawn:(. That is a beautiful photo - the black starkness against an azure sky.