Tuesday, September 22, 2009


Well a few things have been going on...fall is setting in and with that, thankfully or not, the routine. As much as I love summer, especially this past one, I like the routine that fall brings.
One downside is that we found out that Chris' daughter had to discontinue her college classes, as her student visa hasn't yet arrived. What an anticlimax on many levels...so she has to wait till next session in Jan to restart. In the meantime, to keep herself busy, she has started a hugs fresque on the ceiling of her bedroom and just began guitar lessons.
It was my daughter Cleo's bday last sunday...19 yrs old! She celebrated with friends the eve, at a club and came out for a supper in Montreal on sunday.

In other news, my sore kneck and back was acting up, so I have begun a scedule of massage therapy. OMG! I should have done this yrs ago! Luckily, Chris' insurrance covers a good amount for that, each yr...and restarts in Jan, so thankfully I can get a number of massages untill the end of the yr. By then, all my kinks and kricks will be worked out lol...When I was taking jewelry classes last spring, one of the women I befriended happened to be a massage therapist. We hit it off right away, and bonus is she speaks english even! lol

The first massage I got, I swear I felt like a walking bruise for 3 days...I told her that next time, she might as well, grab me by the feet, swing me around to slap my body against the walls...them jump up and down on me while wearing hiking boots...then tie me in a double knitting knot...that way I may not hurt so much LMAO!!!
One of the things I must do however is take a hot bath with some essential oils, as often as I can to help the muscles. It had to forse myself to make the time but it has become something I enjoy...we really should make the time just for us....To make the experience even better, I was given a terrific gift as a house warming present from my dear friend Anna. It is one of those metal thingys you put across the bathtub that holds up a book or magazine, a glass of wine if u want etc...I LOVE IT!...I always think of Anna when I am wet and naked now LOL!.. I have taken to reading magazines in there..it holds the mag perfectly! I love jewelry mags and decor mags, the O mag also...and I ofcourse found another seasonal centerpiece idea this week lol...finished 2 today. One for the living room and another for the centre of my kitchen island. Tell me what u think..Click on pics to make bigger...

Fall Centerpieces 09 ......3
Fall Centerpieces 09 ......5

A few more pics in flickr....I put tea lights under the bigger ones that I put holes in...using a drill bit lol...I chose gourds that had nice shapes and colours...the rectangular glass dish actually cost 2$ at the dollar store and the other bamboo one that has a neat shape was from one of those kitchen stores..It actually caught Chris' eye...and only cost 12$ and the gourds were not expensive. Both dishes will be used for many things...and I amused myself putting these together...however, I vow to buy myself a nice little drill set with diff bits ...the tools I used weren't great so it took me hours lol..

I am currently kicking around some decorating ideas for the office/guest room...we decided to take the computer desk out of there, as the family room is huge and had lot's of room...hense freeing up much space in the office for guest room...I love this part...the ideas part..lol...will keep u up to date lol...


Star said...

Love the centerpieces. Gourds are so colorful.

kenju said...

Moon, I like your gourds too, and the way you put them together is very nice!

cindy wilson said...

Very nice you have great ideas in decorating haven't been on much just got back from vacation to Kentucky. Will show some pics on my blog once I get time to download them. take care I am so happy for you ith your dream house and all.

Hugs and kisses

Pat said...

Lovely autumnal colours. I have a massage booked next week as a rare treat . Hope it's less painful than yours:)

Anonymous said...

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