Thursday, February 24, 2005

Lucky Lady........That would be ME

Ok, I am giving you all a forewarning. This post may cause some a gag reflex, or straight out hurling. While others will appreciate the AWE factor and be able to relate my need to share my good fortune. I do believe I have friends and family out there that will smile and be happy for me. Others will role there eyes but secretly wish they had a partner who put as much thought into this as my Chris did.

So about a week before Valentines, Chris came home and by the end of the evening he could stand it no longer. He declared that he was to start Valentines early. He had bought me something and just couldn't wait to give it to me. To my astonishment, he presented me with a beautiful Blue Topaz pendant. Very large emerald cut stone. It's simplicity showcasing the beauty of the stone itself. Exactly what I would have chosen had I been shopping for it myself. He had bought me a pretty blue topaz ring last year that goes very nicely with this.

So Valentines Day arrives, because we had already exchanged gifts we basically told eachother that some chocolates and takeout would be great for the day in question.
I posted earlier about me getting him an opera ticket and I added a Bonsai tree plant. Something he has always wanted.

I was awaiting his arrival from work. With table set using the new chinese place settings with chopsticks from China, from sis, along with some candles, I wanted to add something new that he hadn't aready seen so I got a set of beer flute glasses. They have gothic puter symbols on them, very cool looking. Chris rarely drinks but I remember once in a resturant he was served his beer in a tall beer flute and he really prefered that to a beer mug. Anyway, chinese food was on its way and so was Chris.
The troops were all fed so it was just us for supper. Although we had a moaning blind mute guy at the other end of the table...didn't matter lol....Amazing what you get used to after awhile. You make it work or u don't lol.

Chris gets home. He walks in the door with a rose between his teeth, his lunchbag in one hand and his coat thrown over his other arm. Little did I know he was hidding more stuff.

He presents me the rose, we go into the kitchen to unwrap it. It crosses my mind that he could have hung his coat at the door but just figured he wanted to be near me as I unwrapped the rose.

We look at the rose, we both smell it then he says "That is for your sense of smell, your nose" AWEEEE

Then he pulls out a smallish gift bag. I open it to find Chocolate Truffles. He then says "These are for your sense of taste, your mouth"

He then pulls out a really big gift bag from under his coat lol , I am totally floored by this time, not only because he has this whole theme going but also how the hell he was able to hide all that under his coat drapped on his arm.

This gift bag had a gorgeous Indian Tea Pot...very nice decorative piece. "That is for your eyes and sight" he says.

Then he pulls out ONE MORE gift bag, this one about the same size as the truffles box. I unwrap a beautifully carved wooden Yogi, he is in a meditation position. Chris then says, "This is for your soul, your inner self" "Je t'aime mon amour" (I love you my love)

OK, all together now...AWEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE
Am I a lucky lady or what?!?!
Can any of you ladies blame me for wanting to share this?

I could only wish the same for all women out there to be treated as well as I am. It also has nothing to do with money or the ability to buy me nice things. Yes this yr it turned out that way but last yr he didn't yet have a job so he worked for a month in the little tool room. totally off limits to me at the time, I might add......working on a carving of his own making. It's two ppl with entwined arms in an abstact kind of way, with a metal sheet background added showing a cresent moon cut out of it. He fashioned a candle holder behind that so u only see the light of the candle behind the cresent moon. This all done with stuff he found. But made with love. His banging in the tool room was fodder for lots of banter and laughter over that month knowing full well he had never made or carved anything before. I could only tease him in saying he was just banging on a rock to make it sound good lol. He so surprised me in the end.

I have added the pics of all the special things he gave me. I am a visial person so I can appreciate being able to see what is being discussed. Hope you enjoy.


Squirrels said...

What a wonderful Valentine's Day gift. Im happy for you. It is probably brighter in person, like you said. Tig ol bitties. He he he. Sorry but they are there in the picture. :) Yes, I am jealous.

Shannon said...

Yeah, I'm jealous, can ya blame me?

Regardless of how I feel for myself, I'm happy for you because you deserve to be so happy. Chris is a wonderful guy who fits you. I just can't see you both being with anyone else.

Many hugs to both of you!