Saturday, February 12, 2005


YES! Folks, I actually went out yesterday! It wasn't to get the groceries either!! Actually my sister was taking the train into Montreal yesterday so she could spend the weekend with her hubby's grandmother (Lili). The plan was for us to pick her up then take her and Lili out for supper.

The train station is underground, with one of the exits being the QUEEN ELIZABETH HOTEL just above. It's a very swanky place. You know the kind with the uniformed doorman. There are also a few nice boutiques, a bar lounge and a Tea salon.

We arrived early so it was nice to just leisurely check out the different boutiques then take a comfortable seat in the Tea Lounge. Chris is a tea lover so he knows and has tasted many different teas. I on the other hand, am not a tea lover so opted for a sumptuous hot chocolate. Let me add that the tea was $6, but with the 3 teared cookie platter it was priced at $26 instead. We opted for just straight tea lol. My hot chocolate had same price choices lol. Although each of us had a small pot which equalled atleast 3 cups each which in effect wasn't all that bad. I also had a small pot of freshly whipped cream for my hot chocolate YUMMM. Lets face it , I think it's also all about the atmosphere as well. I love the people watching in a place such as this. They can't help but lead to richer contemplations if you know what I mean.

We both enjoyed the quiet luxury of it. In eachothers company, out of the house, enjoying something delicious, in a pair of William and Mary chairs. What more did we need?.....Oh right, my sister was on her way, almost forgot lol.

Our timing was perfect. We were done by the time she made her way to meet us. We got in the car and were on our way to Lili's within minutes. We had actually found a parking space close, and for downtown Montreal that could be compared to an act of God.

We got Lili and went to a nice resturant. The meal was great and the company was entertaining. Lili is a great lady. My sister is very close to her and spends as much time as she can with her between her trips all over the world with the Prime Minister. Lilli lost her husband last year so Brigitte knows how lonely she must get. It was funny how my sis Brigitte teased Lili. If Lili was trying to remember something or other, sis would say "Lili are u smoking pot again?" or "I knew u had ADD, you really need to get that checked out" then Lili would say "OH BRIGITTE!!" It was cute to watch.

After that we went back to Lili's house for coffee. Brigitte had brought all the stuff she had picked up in her travels for us. In Nov before she was off to Africa, we gave her some money to pick up some souvenires if she could. They don't always have the time to shop or they shop for others if one has the free time. I think many want to bring stuff home for family. Not knowing if they will ever have that chance again.

Well let me tell you!!! I couldn't believe all the stuff I got! Besides spending our money, sis also got some stuff for us that she gave us as gifts. I haven't photographed any of it yet but I will shortly so u can see all the cool things I got. The countries she got them at are, Africa, Sundan, Burkina-Faso, Chili, Newdeli India, Shri-Lanka, Bajing China. Needless to say I got lots of cool stuff. I will label it all with pics soon.

One of the presents she got, I just have to mention. In Bajing China, they are famous for their pearl industry. She found really nice pearl necklaces there. Not cultured but clear water pearls with slight imperfections. They all look perfectly round to me. Anyway, each pearl necklace has its own chinese satin drawstring pouch. They are very nice. My sister bought one of these for each of us in the family. Mom, me, other sis, mom inlaw, Lili, herself , and as presents for other friends etc. Sis checked out the equivilant pearl necklaces here, they are of an aprox value of $190 Canadian funds.......She got them for $10 each there!!!!!!!!! I know, unbelievable eh!!! Besides getting us gorgeous wide scarfs or if u want to call them pashminas, for $5 each. I got a really pretty black one. OK, I will stop now untill I have pics lol. Just had to tell u some of it all, and share my awesome day. Oh yeah, was great to see my sister too lol.


lab munkay said...

"Lucky!", I say in my Napoleon Dynamite voice.

Anonymous said...

Thats so great. Glad you had a good time out, got to see family and got plenty of great gifts. Can't wait to see them. Squirrels

Shannon said...

oo oo oo

And just where is my goodies?

*taps her foot*



Glad you had a great day out, god knows Chris deserves it! :))

jen* said...

some of my best memories with my best friend are going to tea. when we're visiting we do splurge on the tiers of cookies and watercress sandwiches. the savoy in london, the four seasons and the watergate in dc, are all places where we've put up our pinkies and lived like elitists!