Monday, February 28, 2005

Oscar Night

Yes I was among the millions watching the Oscars last night. I guessed right for alot of the winners YAY. I was so pleased that Jamie Foxx won for Ray...I was so rooting for him. I loved Hilary Swank in Million Dollar Baby..I was sure she would win...she really goes all out for a role. I was thrilled that Clint won in Directing, although it was my wish, I was sure Martin Scorsese would get it, I was right and wrong lol.

I noticed that for a few catagories they put the mic at the back of the room where the nominees were sitting, at first I assumed it was just easier camera wise to have it all there. I was sad that these ppl were not afforded their chance on the big stage...I mean GEEZ's part and parcel that all the behind scenes ppl no one see's, work as hard on these great movies as well as the actors we do see. So why do they not get there WHOLE MINUTE of center stage like the rest of them? To save some precious time? To fit another commercial in? I think they should all get their chance on stage and not in the middle of an isle, after all, it's an OSCAR!...

My other observation will only be appreciated by french speaking ppl out there that happen to see or rather hear the song (Look to your Path) or (Vois Sur Ton Chemin) sung by Beyonce....I'm sure to all others it sounded great...unless you were french speaking..frankly it was giberish...seriously..I can appreciate an effort but frankly why ask someone to sing a french song if they don't speak the language unless its Opera lol....I was straining myself to understand as she sang...with my jaw dropping in disbelief as it went on...when the phone was Shannon..she says..."are u listening to the Oscars? " I say yes, " OK, mom was just saying she thought Beyonce was doing a great job, so I told her the only way to find out is if we call someone who would know for sure lol".....I told her that thus far through the course of the song and convo I could understand about 3 words in all ....

My niece 16 and daughter 14 are hanging around the living room with me, enjoying what they can of the Oscars, niether able to really get into the Oscars except to appreciate all the beautiful dresses ...why? because my daughter and niece only speak french...they only understand a few words in english....enough to discern bits of my convo with Shan on the niece says..with horrified look on her face..." YOU MEAN SHE IS SINGING THAT IN FRENCH?!"...daugher says "NO WAY!"... I repeat this to Shan and say...that sums it up for ya lol.....we both burst out laughing.
I guess some would think me harsh, but frankly would they have asked someone to sing the spanish song on there who wasn't latin? With all the talent out there, I am sure it would have been easy enough to find someone who could have sung that in actual french lol....she was lovely , she sang the other two great, to bad she didn't pull off the french one...but hey...who cares right? Not like most could understand it anyway .
Cept us lol.

Other then that, I didn't happen to notice any marked dressing distasters. Most looked great...but I may have missed something while Luc had a few epileptic siezures. He rarely does that and had he not been blind I could have sworn he saw something hidious that I missed to put him in the throws of not one but 2 siezures poor guy.

He later had 3 more...another one early this morning. His brain is not all there in the best of times but after all that it was total mush. He peed on his chair while eating breakfast. When I noticed it start to rain under his kitchen chair, I knew it wasn't cause a cloud had formed there. Needless to say our day started off badly lol He seems to have stablized now. Left a message with his doc to call me. Let's just hope it's just an anomally.

So there it is. Hope you enjoyed the Oscars if not let's hope u had something better to do.


Steve said...

The Oscars? What's that? I didn't even watch them this year because I hadn't seen any of the movies that were nominated for the big awards.

Guess 2004 was a weak year for movies....

Games are for Children

mark said...

Hi Monette , just my yearly peek on your goingings on.
I always knew that you deserved happiness. I am so happy that you and Chris make such a good couple. You two look perfect.
As for the Oscars .... I was reading a book and looking over it for sexy ladies or political statements ..*sigh* ...darn nipple-shields.

Best wishes for Chris & You.


Whiskee River said...

Yes, Beyonce was brilliant !

Shannon said...

Beyonce was gorgeous, that's different than being brilliant. Had she been brilliant she would have passed on trying to sing that french song.

That was too much fun though!