Tuesday, November 13, 2007

One of those YUCKY FEELING days.

You know the kind. The days u get up and just feel like crap. Dragging your feet, achy and sore all over. No apparent reason.

Worst part of it, is I had to put my face on and dress out to go out. YES, OUT!...my day out is usually saturdays I know. Today however, Chris and I had to do some bank stuff...and we both had to be there so we booked the sitter. Her minimum is 3 hours so I had made a list of things to do.

I haven't felt this crappy in a very long time...I must be fighting something.As I was putting the ingredients together for our breakfast protien/smoothy ...I got really dizzy and had to go sit town right then and there. Achhh...yucky feeling. I got my stuff done, did a half ass job on my face lol and thought...I just wanna go back to bed!

We got our stuff done, even dragged my feet into a few stores to get the few items on my list. Closing my eyes each time we were in the car and Chris was driving. Thank god he was home today. We stretched it to 2.5 hrs and just wanted to come home and go to bed. Chris scooted me to bed and I slept for 3 full hours...I wish I could say I feel better...the sleep was good but I still feel all weird...no fever but feels like it.

Hopefully tomorrow I will feel better.

As for good news...Chris will be working weekends for a month...YAY! Tobad it's not for always...Since I have the clients/boarders here 24/7 it makes no difference to me if he works weekends. The great thing about it is he works 3 , 12 hour shifts..fri, sat and sun...but he is HOME 4 days! Hense him being home today...it will be so nice for this month..and worked out great for me today, as he took care of the boys for me so I could be the veg I am today.

Another good note...My sister turned me onto a great cookbook called (The GI Diet Cookbook....by Rick Gallop) It's full of 200 terrific recipes all made with healthy, nonprocessed ingredients. Must sound horrible lol...but actually I have been impressed with every recipe so far..and Chris has loved everything I have made. I have started taking photo's of the dishes...I should have taken pics from the beginning but didn't think. So far I have Beef Stroganoff on whole wheat pasta ......

Beef Stroganoff on Whole Wheat pasta Almond Cheese Cake with Mixed Berry Sauce

To finish with an Almond Cheese Cake with a Mixed Berry Sauce. Absolutely delicious! The best part is that is all GOOD for you and VERY low on calories!!! You wouldn't be able to tell at all that it's made with tofu instead of heavy cream cheese! HONESTLY! How cool it that...great desert without the guilt!

I will be adding more...a few I have already tryed and loved.

Anyone have a great dish they found that is yummy AND good for u? lol.


kenju said...

I hope you are better tomorrow, Moon. What is the name of your cookbook?

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Gee, I dearly hope you feel better very quickly...It is no fun feeling the way you do....Rest Well!

I got interupted..HOURS ago....

PI said...

I hope by now you are fighting fit again. Re cooking I take the easy way now so here is a healthy tasty lunch dish. Parma ham with mango. It's more tasty than the usual melon. Today MTL is doing poached egg on asparagus on toast. Bon appetit!

Anna said...

I'm sorry you're not feeling well. I hope it passes soon.


kelley said...

Havent been around for a while yr looking good. Congrats.

But sorry to hear yeh crook.