Monday, October 22, 2007


I was looking through some old pics again..and I thought it was funny how I find that the hairstyle I have now is not too far off what I had 20 some yrs ago lol. I was 20-21 yrs old in these pics. I was working as a stylist in a very big salon in Lethbridge Alberta back then. Right before moving across the country to live in Toronto. (lived there just under a yr to then move to Montreal)

My short hair faze

This below is me giving my best friends son his bday gift of some books. Hard to believe that Shayne is all grown up with 5 children of his own these days....OMG...where did the time go?!

My best friend's son on his bday.

This is me with an uncle and an elderly lady that lived near my uncle and aunt. Someone wanted a pic. Apart from now...this style was the only time I have ever been blonde lol. I also got most of my clothes from the good-will shops...and like my daughter does today (no surprise) I liked coming up with different combinations and looks. I LOVED men's suit jackets back then lol...and the 80's was all about shoulder pads so that helped lmao!

My uncle, a family friend and myself

Just chilling with my friends cat...I used to live in the little apartment below this larger apartment in this old house. My best friend lived here with her son. One of the funny memories about my friend Tamara was that she slept like the dead. Alarms didn't wake her. She slept on a mattress directly on the floor. She would set her bedroom was directly underneith hers so her alarm would wake me! My job was to then wake her believe it or not...I would get up, get my broom...hit the ceiling with it...where I new her head was (aproximately) ..while calling upstairs on the phone..which was also near her head...I KID U NOT!... So finally with alarm buzzing, broom banging, phone shrilling!...Tamara would begin to crawl out of the depts of deep sleep I have yet see anyone else be plaged with. What counted was it worked lol. She was a single parent going to univercity was not easy.

I have lost touch with her over the yrs...but think of her often still.

Lazy sunday I guess

I have always been a night person...but could always get up with an alarm clock...I have always envied morning people...even in my 40's I am and always will be a night name Moon suits me to a T...I am always up with the moon lol. That said, I have never shirked my morning a parent and care giver..things have to be done lol.

Are u a morning or night person? Easy to wake or do u need a jackhammer upside the head?...Share .....


kenju said...

I have always been more of a night person, and still am, but not as much as I was. I try to go to bed by midnight or a little earlier if I have to work the next day. As long as I can have 7 hours straight, I am fine.

You look very cute in your old photos!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I am and always have been, A Night Person....I feel better at night; work better at night, generally speaking; just function much better in the night-early A.M. hours..Like I said---Always have been and still am. And like you, I could do "morning" if I had to...

I was a very light sleeper till tecently....I now can fall asleep with the TV blaring..(Well....I am exagerating...but it is ON and not on "mute"..)...And I honestly don't know WHY I might wake up....
My sleep is brojen up in 1 1/2 to 2 hour incremements---I Feel like I've been asleep ALL Night...but, I haven't. And then I go back to sleep...another strange 'increment'....I can get along on very little sleep. I haven't had even 7 hours ALL Together, since I was a teenager.
You asked, my dear moon...LOL!

Anonymous said...

You did a great job dressing as classy as you did with little money to spend, Just a testiment to your sense of style.
Your a true friend to do all that you did to get your friend out of bed on a daily basis,,,wow

cindy wilson said...

Very cute pics.
I am a day and night person. Since getting older I don't sleep as much as I use to...So I stay up at all hours of the night and can still get up and go to work on the days I work... might not be at my best but I do get up and moving. One good story when my brother was living with me. He sleeps like a dead person also, he sets his alarm 2 hours before he is suppose to get up and the alarm would go off(it sounded like a submarine alarm) It would wake up the whole house before it woke him up. I would have to listen to that for 2 hours off and on before he finally got out of the bed. We would laugh about that after he moved out, but while he was there it was getting on my nreves. LOL


rfun6 said...

Me? I am and will always be a night person. I sleep during the day. Day to me is not as exciting and not as much to do. LOL

Granny Annie said...

I am awake earlier than usual this morning because my husband couldn't sleep and he is awake watching television that is very loud. I can't complain because he is probably awake because I was snoring so loudly! I guess we are night and day people, depending on what the elements allow.

Love the pictures. What a beauty you are! Very stylish too.

Bob-kat said...

I am so easy to wake up as I am a light sleeper. I guess I am both - a night and a mornuing person. Unless I'm really tired it doesn't bother me as I can quite happily get by less slepp than most people.

Those photo's are fab! You were such a stylish 80's gal! I used to wear mens waistcoats and team it with a blouse, I also used to haev my hair swept up and over on one side of my head, a little reminiscent of Flock of Seagulss but no so sculpted! Oh I thought it looked great. Do you remember fingerless gloves? :)

PI said...

I love the pix - especially the one with the hat and coat. You could give the young Diane Keaton a run for the money. Lovely!

becomingkate said...

Great pics! The third pic could have been me in 1984 - wow! I had blonde streaks in my hair and used to wear a fedora all the time!