Monday, October 15, 2007


Well, most who know me..already know that I think my husband Chris is just the bee's knees...and rightly so..but I had actually never seen him in his work clothes. Sounds odd? Well he leaves here casually dressed but once at work he has to change into scrubs. He is a in a pharmacutical once inside he has to change...I asked him to take a few pics of himself so I could see his sexy self in scrubs...and I was very curious to see the Aseptic Gear he has to put on to go into the sterile lab. ...He finally took said photos for me so I thought I would share with you.

I think his scrubs are sexy...ok, I could do without the hairnets on head and beard but hey...I still know the kissable face underneath lol

ACHLyo Supervisor (Chris)

Oh and the sexy lab coat...makes me wanna play doctor with him...ok, that just sounded wrong.

ACHLyo Supervisor

Below is the Aseptic Gear, scarey looking eh...It takes atleast 15 minutes to gear up like has to train and certify just in the gowning in order to go into the sterile lab. Chris is the supervisor for the Lyo he doesn't have to go in there everyday but he does go often. I'm just gratefull he doesn't come home dressed like this, it would take me forever to rip his closes off lol.

Full aseptic gear

Now to more news..Cleo got a new haircut...I like it...she does too even though it would seem here that she can't crack a smile to save her own life...let's try again.....

Cleo's new hair cut 1

Oh wow, yeah that worked...much better.....NOT! LOL

Cleo's new hair cut 2's a new outfit. As I am carefull with the pieces I buy, it's fun to share...also knowing that hopefully I will continue to lose weight. Some will go a long way, like the top here, being able to adjust it more as needed...and pants I can always take tucks in later also.

New outfit

Last but not least..the booty shot lol...still substancial but a heck of a lot less then there once was! SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE!

Abit less booty?

Since I only get one day out of the house per week..I like to look nice when I do. The rest of the week, I wear whats very comfy as I work at home changing adult diapers and feeding my boarders.

What do u wear for work? Do u have to wear a uniform, special outfit, business suit? Is there a dress code where u work? Do u enjoy wearing what u have to wear for work? I find it very interesting...just the aspect of our work attire tells us alot about ppl. Please share....


Anonymous said...

Damn I am the most fortunate guy EVER, a hot sexy lady like you, I can not wait to come home tonight......
Your happy husband (aka Lucky bastard )

kenju said...

Interesting photos, Moon and I love the last one of you! You look so nice.

I work in old clothes, mostly, since the flowers can really mess up my clothes if I am not careful. Luckily, my boss doesn't care, but when we are delivering weddings, I try to look neat and clean, and I dress a little better than when I am actually designing.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

That "costume" (sorry) that your dear husband has to wear into the Sterile Lab---OY! LOL! What he does must be very important work...Bless Him!

Lovely new outfit, my dear.
And your daughters Haircut...Different and special!

Star said...

YOu are lookin' good Moon and I agree, scrubs are sexy.

Bess said...

Cute outfit! There's no "dress code" at the law school, so most of us stay pretty casual. I wear silly t-shirts (from and jeans and sweaters most of the time. Sometimes law firms will come to campus to conduct job interviews, which always calls for a suit, so I do get to dress up more formally from time to time. :)

Bob-kat said...

That red top is lovely and makes you look slim!

Thabnks for your positive comment on my blog :)

Anna said...

You look gorgeous in red Monette!

It's hard to imagine Chris in his work stuff because people who dress in "space suits" are the very serious and geeky type...and we all know how funloving and crazy he is so seeing him in his work gear if kinda weird.

Let Cleo know I love the haircut.

You gotta figure out how to get your camera to stop giving you all red eyes.


cindy wilson said...

I wear scubs also to work as I am a nurse, I ordered then from the USA because usually here in Ireland they wear white tops and navy pants. I like scrubs because it like wearing your PJ's LOL

Very good pics. Your whole family looks Fabulous Darling.....


Karen said...

Nice pics! Fun to see your hubby and your daughter - both very handsome and attractive!

Hope you're having a great weekend! Michele sent me!

Carmi said...

I love the pictures! And I have always loved scrubs. They're like jammies.

I wear shorts and t-shirts when I work: one of the perks of being a writer who works from home.

Dropped by from Michele's to say hi and let you know how much I enjoy your vignettes of your family's life.

Ramona said...

Thankfully, I get to wear pyjamas to work. OK, they are also scrubs, but very, very comfy! I never have to worry about what I'm going to wear. Consequently however, I don't have a very good wardrobe. When I'm at home, I tend to wear yoga gear, or flannels. I actually get stressed out when I have to wear 'real' clothes. Like tonight. YIKES! Gotta figure that out!!!

rfun6 said...

Oh you poop you. Look at how thin and slender you are getting. I am so jealous !!!! Dang it.