Tuesday, October 12, 2004

Bump In the Night

Well I have been busy to say the least. Since the new arrival of the new client/border it has been a whole new experience. Let us call him Luc. He arrived friday with all his own furniture. One bed, bureau, table and chair. A few things to put on the wall. All very nice things that happen to go very well in the room already painted blue.

As the 2 social workers and my partner Chris moved and placed and unpacked everything I stayed with Luc. His happy place is in a bathroom. If he is sitting on the thrown he is happy. This is probably one of the habits he developed younger while in an institution. At any rate, I felt it was very important for me to establish a bond during all the stress of moving and people in the house. I stood next to him as he sat. I stroked his head and talked to him so he would get used to my touch , scent and sound of my voice. As severely handicapped as he is I had to smile when he would take my hand away from his head then put it back to continue or to redirect it to where he wanted me to stroke or scratch, like the back of his neck or the top of his head or his back .

He is also quite headstrong. Does not like to be told he can't go to the bathroom if for instance someone is in there. He can be quite strong and push you away if not happy. I had to learn real quick that firmness is a must or I have already lost the battle. I was lucky to have the case worker here for most of the 2 days following his arrival. She gave me pointers and suggestions on many things. I learned how to bath him, shave him, brush his teeth. All things we take for granted until we have to provide those tasks to another adult. He loves the bath, so much so that while sitting on the toilet he sometimes strips naked. We then have to painstakingly help him redress himself all while using a firm tone. The 3rd morning I was just getting up when I heard the bath running. I ran to find him all ready in the bath naked turning faucets on and off. I had to stiffle a smile and be firm in getting him out of there. He has to learn that I decide when and not the other way around. He could have also burned himself with the hot water. Gotta admire his tenacity though lol.

Someone asked me the other day what age he is mentally. It is really hard to say. I think a one year old baby has more on him on many levels but on others he could be about 2. He is unable to speak and as already mentioned he is blind. I have not yet witnessed his epileptic seizures yet but he will probably have one soon. He has a constant motor running though. What I mean is he is almost always moaning . Like a plane that is circling the airspace above is the best way to describe it. I don't mind it so much and it becomes part of the background after awhile . We did however put the radio in his room on the classical station and it seems to make him stop the engine for longer periods of time. Not sure if it's the music that helped or just his getting more accustomed to the new things around him.

He can now pretty much get to the bathroom from his room. The way back is hard still. Will take more time to really get his bearings. I have to also use a blender on all his food. He has a special dish with hi sides , with a spoon he can actually feed himself for the most part. I help some if he can't find the food but other then that he does pretty well. I find it endearing that he also wipes his mouth with the spoon if there was too much. He doesn't like food on his face . It makes me smile everytime I see him do that. Or lick his lips when he likes what he is eating.

I have had to follow a strict routine. I have it almost down pat now after the whole weekend. I must say though that he is getting me in shape for sure. It is exactly what I needed in my life right now. I was so tired Saturday I actually went to bed a 9:30pm !!! ME the night owl. I hardly slept Thursday . Kinda apprehensive about client arriving. Then Friday I didn't sleep at all . I was so afraid he would either have a seizure and fall out of bed or get up to go pee and bump himself all over cause he didn't know where he was going. So by Saturday I could barely function. The case worker stayed till his bed time around 8 pm so I had to wait for Chris to get home before I could go to bed just incase he got up in first few hours after bedtime.

Last night around 3am he did get up after peeing his bed, was already sitting on the toilet naked when I got there. I changed everything and got him back into clean pj's and he then slept ok. I sleep downstairs so it was my daughter who woke me to tell me. I have been going to bed so tired I sleep deeper then before. I had a meeting today with 2 case workers so I suggested buying a baby monitor so I can hear him better if he gets up. They thought it was a great idea and it won't even cost me. They will reimburse me for that.

I let them know already that I have decided to keep Luc as a client. They had made sure to give me time to decide with the option of not taking him permanently if I chose. I told them today that they don't have to keep looking , he was remaining here. I think he will be happy here or atleast close to it depending on the emotions he can feel. He has certainly already wormed his way into my heart and got me moving more for my health so I already appreciate him for that. Time will tell me what else I can learn from him and him from me. Foreword we go.............


Red Clover said...

If anyone could provide for this man, it would be you. You have a depth of caring that is wonderful. I'm glad things are working out so well. >:D<

Rae said...

I am so thankful that their are families as wonderful as yours is Moon. You. Chris and Cleo are very special people that the world needs more of. I know that I personally would not be able to do the line of work you do. Kudos to you Monette.

Anonymous said...

.....and Floatingfool dubs you "Saint Moon". The world definetly needs more people like you. Thank-you from all of us that could never cope with a job like that.