Monday, October 25, 2004

New Traffic

I have joined a new site called BlogExplosion. It enables you to surf blogs from all over not just this blogspot group. I have been having fun surfing all kinds of blogs. Some are awesome and some are just there lol but thats ok it has helped pass some time. BlogExplosion is just an addition for access to more interesting blogs. I have already got a few blogs in my favorites list that have been regular reads for months. Funny how we become attached to perfect strangers after a time of reading about their lives and thoughts. You know who you are out there. It is so fun to exchange comments or hear an insight from these people. I ofcourse have a list of friends blogs , that goes without saying. I feel like my day is missing something when I haven't caught up on my daily reads be it friends or new friends* blogs. If you want to know more about BlogExplosion just click on the tag I put on the side bar. I am looking forward to discovering different and interesting blogs.

Frankly chat isn't what it used to be. It could be me or it could be a general thing but I find it so mundane and disappointing lately. Same thing day in, day out. God forbid you try to actually have a decent conversation or introduce an actual subject about anything other then sex . I can flirt and be goofy like the next guy but it sure gets old when thats all there is. I could go on but thats a post for another day.

Have a gander at BlogExplosion if interested. Click on the tag on the side.


Amanda said...

Chat isnt mundane. Its become more along the line of eye gougingly boring, but still i have no life, so i spend most nights playing movie quote games in it. I miss the old room.

Robyn said...

Well here is your blog exploded comment from me. Welcome to the club. I hope you enjoy one or two of the blogs you come across. Love and Light

Squirrels said...

Ok, I read it and went and joined under your name thing, and they better give you some sort of credits.!