Tuesday, October 05, 2004

Gotta love MoM

I went to the doc's yesterday for follow up...checked out test results that just re-confirmed what we already know. Had my annual pap test..ladies don't forget yours. The one possitive foot note to the day was having realized that after she weighed me I had lost one whole lb. since last weigh in 2 weeks ago, wooo hooo . I wasn't really trying since I was told to make subtle changes for now etc.

I was talking to my mom lastnight and happen to tell her . She was all happy for me and went on to say "That's great honey, keep it up. One lb is one lb and a good start. Please don't look at 1lb in a negative way like some would. It's all in the mind set." I say I know , not to worry . She goes on to give me an example by saying......

"You must not look at it like losing a deck chair on the Queen Mary"............omg I almost pissed myself lmao.

Gotta love mom.


Anna said...

Mom's are great aren't they? I'm proud of you too sweety, 2 pounds a month makes 24 pounds a year and thats a real good goal.

WooHoo, Cleo has a date to meet her future.

Rae said...

Just about pissed myself when I saw the Queen Mary comment...lol
Gotta love moms.
Hope Cleo enjoys her trip with your sis for career day. Tell her I said congrats for getting the ok to go ;)

Scroller said...

That's Great Monette!

If you want to know how really great that is, next time you go to the store pick up a pound of butter. Look at it, feel how much it weighs, then put it back and smile.

Good Job!