Saturday, October 16, 2004


Tomorrow we leave for Ottawa..our nations capital. Wooo Hoooo and 2 days off for me lol. I must say I will appreciate it far more now then I would have a week ago. This week has been a busy one for sure . Luckily the case worker I had giving me a hand in the first 2 days with Luc offered to come babysit for us Sunday and Monday so I could go to Ottawa with my daughter and Chris . I had already resigned myself to the idea I wouldn't be able to go after getting the new client, so it was a really nice surprise to infact be able to go. Granted it costs us money but hey it is worth every penny spent.

Not only are we going for my daughter's career day with my sister in parliament , we haven't seen her house either. Brigitte and her husband Glen bought a house last year on an acre of land . We haven't had the opportunity to see it yet so it will be great to walk around yard. They built a new deck and she had a huge garden this year. Although its automn and the end of gardening , I can maybe still pilfer some of her perenials for my yard hehe.

I am looking forward to seeing them both. Monday while my daughter and sister are off working and Glen is off working that gives Chris and I some precious time to ourselves. We can do what ever we want .......let your imaginations go wild hehe. Hmmm I think I wanna go shopping......not going to tell you where though . wink wink

So when we get back Monday night late, hopefully we will have pics with us. If so I will post some here . I already have my fingers crossed for my daughters special day. Will be sure to share some of the details . Till then....have a great weekend...we leave early tomorrow and today I have loads of stuff to do before sitter gets here in the morning. .......


JustSue said...

Hope you have a great 2 day "getaway" Monette, and return happy and refreshed.

Anna said...

You're slacking here, I'm still waiting on the briefing and some pics. >:D< Hope you had a blast.