Monday, July 26, 2004

Back to the routine...almost

Ok so my company is all gone, its Monday and Chris is back at work, although he will be going from 9am to 7pm accounting for travel time...means he will be home in the evenings instead..for 2 weeks..I so prefer that...but when I say almost..means our border Martin is still in camp for next 2 weeks... a welcome break.
Well let me tell u, it was so cool to have 6 friends here for a week, I certainly hope we struck a nice balance of some touristy things and just being lazy on the deck or watching movies..granted the Quebec trip was a long and tiring one but I think totally worth doing it for those here who will probably never go back or be that close to it...such a gorgeous city...and I am always happy to spend a day there.
It's amazing how much more u learn about ppl when u meet and spend real time with them..different nuances u never see online or on cam...spontanious laughter..or wit..lets face it its hard to be that way with the mic or typing in a chat room lol......and seeing how cpls interact with eachother...I feel so lucky to have been able to host all 3 cpls at once as comfortable as I could, each in a private room, I  hope they were all ok, ..poor rae had some probs atfirst with air mattress, but  in putting the futon ontop.. I think she was alot better...sorry rae, shoulda done that right away.
The weather gods were on my side... except for very first night all arrived..we ate inside only because it was already 11 pm, we knew they were all had the table all set and ready for them to barrel in and decompress from the slightly stressfull trip from Rae and Ryan's place...after a few wrong turns and a 6 hour trip turning into 10 hours...we were ready for them with big hugs and lots of pizza lol
I seriously though I would be far more stressed having all these ppl in my house for a week..trying to keep it tidy and be the best host I could.....rather, I enjoyed it alot more then I thought only because it was less stressfull because everyone really made it easy..they were all very helpfull..all very easy to enjoy time with.. the atmosphere for me anyway was very relaxed ..I certainly hope they felt the same....and I have to say my Chris is such a wonderfull man..he was and is always by my side to help me with anything I need...I never had that in a partner before..I realize all the total differences still after 2 yrs exspecially when we do something; having 6 my former life, no matter how many ppl were at my house..I had to basically take care of everything with no help including preparing the house before hand...what a different life I live was just as enjoyable getting the house all ready for them to arrive..extra anticipation with someone right there with me doing it all and more....I LOVE U CHRIS 
I can safely say it wasn't an anticlimax..u know when u are so excited and when it happens u are sometimes dissappointed ...we both were very pleasantly...I don't want to say surprized..cause we knew most all that were coming..what I mean is pleasantly captivated..ya thats a good everyone that came be it for different reasons....we had a great week with everyone and man the day they left after being 8 adults in the house for a was soooooo quiet lol...we didn't know what to do exactly so when in doubt...have a nap we did.
WOW for a first blog I  sure said alot lol...and I am far from done about this past week lol...but then I guess thats the purpose of a blog... its never done lol let me see how I can put some pics on here......


Rae said...

I'll tell ya this Moon... I'm thinking of blowing up and air mattress and finding a futon mattress to put on top... my back is killing me from my own bed now... LOL
(refer to last post about pics)

And we had a wonderful time... I'm really glad we all came up with the idea of each one of us preparing dinner one night... as it was it turned out well... you prepared one, then Anna, then we went out, then I did, then we went out, then Shan did then we al went home... so we didn't eat ya out of house and home... And the pizza on Saturday night was an awesome idea... thank you we were starving :D

Red Clover said...

You have a great man in Chris. You're an inspiration to us all that online relationships can work, be fruitful, and joyous.

Shannon said...

I miss everyone already hoo

hugs :D