Saturday, October 22, 2005


YAY!! I can finally get online during the day again! It's incredible how much u can miss it untill u don't have it. Although my days are filled with the joys of Luc and his bodily functions....yes I know, the bliss of it is mind boggling....I had the luxury and I really appreciate the LUXURY of having a laptop upstairs here to pop on and check things out or play silly games or chat with a friend, check mail etc when ever I want. Since getting Luc, (already one whole year ago this month!) I can't go downstairs to my desk and PC there, I have to be near Luc at all times. My laptop was my entertainment...because frankly, daytime TV is for the birds.

Anyway, my laptop went poof in Aug so I could only get online late at night to check mail and what ever else but frankly after my long days I was very tired and went to bed except for a choice few times there were friends online.

ENTER new laptop!!! Chris was all for us getting a new one, he felt bad that my days were so long when he was at work. He's my hero. We are still going to get the other one repaired if it can be done by a friend, otherwize it would cost to much to repair elsewhere...then Chris will use that one for himself although he can use this one anytime he wants lol.

So yes I am back and to put a little colour on this page, I am going to post some pics of what has been keeping me busy for the past month or so fur balls...

Seems that the little one has to sit on the big one everychance she gets. At first Shinoo (big one) would move and growl but she finally just gave up and puts up with it now. Can u see the (I just give up) look on her face?

I was going to post more pics but for some reason blogger doesn't want me too right now. I am thankful I was able to put atleast 2. Next post will have a few more and I also want to finally show u my BLING BLING..I took a pic of my ring so stay tuned lol.


Anonymous said...
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moon said...

I love comments to my blog..but I hate these damn SPAM comments!!! not only are they annoying..they have NOTHING to do with the subject matter of the post....jasus discerning enough to try a decent segway...if u manage to do that with some panache...and it makes sense...I may actually check out your sites lmao

Shannon said...

bling bling?!?

Pardon me whilst I JLo ho :P lol

Glad to see ya still livin and breathin!

Anonymous said...

Hi, it's Fran the babies are so cute....I can't wait to see the ring..welcome back missed, Fran

lab munkay said...

Your babies are so cute I could kiss them till I got a hairball. You have some good decorating skills there Moon.