Wednesday, September 05, 2007


BUT WHY?!?! I asked my mom as I held onto her leg for dear life. I DON'T WANT TO GO IN THERE! MAMA !! DON'T LEAVE ME HERE! I WANT TO GO HOME my voice trembling as tears fell down my cheeks. I didn't understand why I couldn't just go back home. All these people ...all these kids I didn't know. It was so scary. As my mom tryed prying me off her leg through the classroom door..I think I even held onto the door jam. There was NO way I was going in there... I wanted no part of it. I wouldn't take the teachers hand to go inside...till finally my mom had to bring me to a desk herself. When she turned and walked away.. I just knew then I had to suck it up and be quiet even though I was terrified and shaking on the instinct was to take a run for it where, I had no idea..but I also knew in that moment that this was the beginning of something different for me.

This was grade 1.

Do u have memories from childhood that stick out like they were yesterday ? This one for me is clear as day lol.


Anna said...

Grade 1-

Before we left the house my mom gave me a very pretty bracelet made of pennies, they were actual pennies welded together, it was really cool. (I wonder what happened to that bracelet, hmm)

I walked into the mobile...cause it wasn't a regular classroom. There were mobiles outside the main school, so anyway, I walk in and look around completely terrified. I just stand there holding my mom's hand. I don't say a word, just stand there. All the other kids are just staring at me from their seats.

The teacher says a few words to my mom and then points out my seat and she walks me over to it and helps me put my things inside the desk. I remember wishing I could just melt into my mom.

That whole day I played with that bracelet nervously inside my desk, at one point my head was almost in the desk too.


Granny Annie said...

The arrangement was for the school Principal and the first grade teacher to meet me as I drove up. My son was escorted into their waiting arms and I got back in the car. I could hear his screams and I could hear the faculty persons telling me to keep going as they held him tightly. He'll be okay as soon as you leave they assured me. He was kicking, he was screaming and I could imagine the snot streaming down his face. As I drove away I glanced in the rear view mirror as my red-faced, snot-faced six-year-old son spewed a fountain of vomit on everything and everyone. Not my childhood memory but one I'm sure I'll never forget nor will my son.

barbie2be said...

my parents got that dreaded call from the principal on my very first day of kindergarten. i had dragged a little boy into the bushes so that i could kiss him.

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MissMeliss said...

I remember shopping for a new notebook every year, and always being really excited to write in it for the first time.

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-E said...

When I was in first grade, we had the music teacher come to our classroom for music class. She was crazy and had the crazy messy black hair to match.

One day, she sat on a table, I guess to relax because we weren't getting the song right (it was The Cat Came Back). As soon as she sat down, the table collapsed.

To this day I have never heard a bunch of kids laugh so loud or so long. We were horrible.

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OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I kind of have an overall feeling about those 12 years of school...I didn't like them at all, with the exception of some moments and favorite ckasses...Art & Music...Interesting that my life continued to be happily devoted to these two things and I have never had to use Algebra or Geometry! LOL! That memory you have could have been mine, too, I think....And I never really got over disliking school, AND not eating breakfast five days a week for twelve years...Scared I would throw up! should NOT be that way...!

Mother of Invention said...

I loved kindergarten and my teacher so I couldn't wait to go. I can't remember much from the first days...except as a teacher, I got really nervous!!

BreadBox said...

Moon: you were one of the ones propogating the meme that seemed to be going around: whether you all came up with it yourself, or everyone picked it up from you, I don't know: but I seem to have seen a number of people reminiscing about first days of school recently.
Of course, the time for such memories is perfect. It being the first day of school time, etc....

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Pez said...

In Grade 3, I remember printing my name very neatly on the new little cardboard box that we all received to keep our crayons and fat pencils in. Crayons and pencils (and erasers) provided by the Board of Education. We did not have to buy our own school supplies until Grade 7 back then!