Thursday, August 30, 2007


Thought I would share more old photographs...going down memory lane is always fun. Some of these taken in front of the old house bring back memories of summers spent at my grandmothers house. You see my mom and my grandmother on the front porch in this first photo. My favorite aunt (Irene) also lived there back then , while caring for my grandmother ..Memére is what we called our grandmother ...Memére lived in the Saskatchewan prairies...part of the small community of Lac Pelletier..Back in the day, my Pepére (grandfather) had the general store and post office for the region. Memére and Pepére had 15 mother is the youngest. I will try to find some old photos of when my mom was young for future posts if possible..untill are some of me ....

 Me 1.5 yrs old(1964)

My older cousin and I

Above is an cousin of mine and I...again at Memére's house. There were always cat's around..good for hunting prairie mice lol.

Below is one of my favorite photo's of my sister Nicole..isn't she cute!...but then, it's not hard to look cute as u sit next to your older sister (moi) who appears to be choking the life out of a kitten!!!

My sister and I choke a kitten.

I used to sit in my dad's shoes to watch TV

Above...I used to love to sit in my dad's shoes to watch TV...there are more then a few photos of me doing this.

Below..Is a photo of me that apparently won a contest. My mom hadn't entered me in a baby contest but the photographer who took the photo did...I won *Cutest Baby* apparently lol.'s me

My mom with my sisters.

Above.... Is my Mom and two sisters...I'm not sure why I'm not in this photo but wanted to include it because for 1,my mom was totally HOT and its easy to see why she is still a lovely lady to this day and 2. my sisters are so cute on here..SO unlike how they are today!!!....KIDDING....not. LOL

Below....Me, trying to sit like a proper young lady with my sisters.

This is me, trying to look mature and my 2 sisters.

Ah the memories...some good, some bad...but they are important parts of me. I was fortunate to have grown up in a small town in the BC Rockies..climbing trees, playing baseball with the boys..building forts in the forest..organizing acorn fights and digging caves in the deep was often an adventure because we found ways to amuse ourselves...outside, more often then not.

Do my pics from the past remind u of your childhood? Any good stories to share? let me know....

PS..not sure why some of the photos are cut off on the right...can't figure out how to fix it just click directly on the photo to see it properly..thanks.


surcie said...

The title of this post made me laugh. And what cute thighs. Cute clothes. Gorgeous mommy. Thanks for sharing the pictures!

Moogie said...

These are awesome photos!!! If I started to share here, all of my memories, I would write another post. You have motivated me to go to my photo albums and post some memories. Wonderful post!!! Michele sent me but I will be back!

kenju said...

Moon, Michele sent me to see your pics and I am so glad! You were cute as a button and your mom was HOT, AS YOU SAID!

Leigh in Atlanta said...

I love the picture of you watching TV. the ginormous shoes and the brain dead expression really make the shot. LOL.

here from micheles to say hi

colleen said...

Oh NO! The photos won't download for me. I feel left out! Michele sent me.

Bernie said...

Great photos (but I think you need to adjust either the size of your table as they are sought of... cut off... OR the size of the image as they go back to flickr anyway), and I really love the one with the kittens (and the one of you chocking that lil one! :) )

Here from Michele's this hot Sydney Winter afternoon where it is 28C!!!

BreadBox said...

Lovely pictures --- how wonderful to have the photos to jog the memories: do you actually remember the pictures being taken?

Michele sent me to ask

moon said...

I actually don't remember most of the moments these were taken except the last 2, I do remember ...I do however also have many memories of when I was 2 yrs old ..none on photos though lol,

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Charmong wonderful photographs.,.I LOVE seeing peoples old photo's of themselves and their family's too...You and your sisters and your Mom, are ALL Beautiful!
Great tha you have all these pictures, too! Treasure them, my dear, as it is obvious you do.

Granny Annie said...

Inquiring minds want to know what part of the pictures you left out. The one with you in your father's shoes is the prize winner. It touches my heart. All treasures and thank you for sharing.

David said...

i am moving so the opportunity is NOW to get out the old pics and start making the scrapbooks
( here from Michele's

-E said...

Look at those adorable little legs! haha.

I love the photo in your dad shoes. I did that very same thing haha.

Happy weekend, I wandered here from Michele's.

flleenie said...

Tonight my niece IM'd a picture taken in the 60's of my parents that I don't have. All I thought was so young & good looking.

I love old pictures...they are becoming a commodity!!!

Anonymous said...

Great photos Monette! You were cute as a button back then and you still are today. Great to see your sisters too! Keep them coming! I like these Blasts from the past. - James Sinclair (oh yeah,,your Mom was HOT)

Bess said...

I love your old photos -- so adorable. I especially like the one of you in your dad's shoes. Why is it that little kids love to wear grownups' shoes? I remember doing it when I was a kid -- I'd put on my dad's shoes to go out and check the mail. (I grew up in the country, and the mailbox was down at the end of the driveway.) And my niece, who is 2, loves to try on everybody's shoes when she goes to grandma's house -- my mom has a pair of old peach-colored bridesmaid shoes that my niece particularly adores. :)