Thursday, August 16, 2007


A LONG LONG TIME AGO.......25 YRS AGO INFACT...This was me.

The story goes...I was walking down the street towards the store where I worked after my coffee break...minding my own business..having checked my watch to make sure I wasn't running late...when.......all of a sudden I notice....

Going to work (1982ish)

a total stranger pointing a camera straight at me! As you can see I was taken aback...and thinking WTF! Who are u and why are u taking photos of me??!!

Caught offguard (1982)

He hastily tryed to assure me he wasn't a stawker and he would even give me the photos he took the next day if I wanted. He was also on a break and as a proffesional photographer he just liked to take pics of what ever he wanted..including pretty girls lol. He seemed sincere and we made plans to meet the next day in the resturant I usually had my break at. So.........the next day...

Coffee break(1982)

Dave took another photo of me..and as u can see, I was totally at ease...He turned out to be a very kind and harmless guy but mostly a great friend for many yrs.....25 yrs later...we are still in touch with xmas cards across the country from eachother....the last photo was one he took of me in sitting in a nice parc in Lethbridge's only a coincidense that I have the same dress on from the coffee break pic above lol.

Park in Lethbridge (1982)

Ahhhh how the time flys by....hard to believe it's already been 25 yrs since then...19 yrs old but already on my own 3 full years by then. The only thing I regret is not having that body anymore lol...but thats's nice to have a few blasts from the past ...makes u realise how much you have learned or grown since then...

By grown I don't mean in width either lmao!

I have scanned other moments from the past for fun, will share then in future..

..Does this make u want to scan some old pics ?? if so let me know so I can go see!!


OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

I LOVED this story and the pictures are great! I sure understand about wishing you had the body you had 'back in the day'....Me too! (lol)

I often post old pictures on my blog...In fact just recently (in the last week( I posted some scanned photo's of me with my father and then some shots of him even earlier...! You might enjoy seeing those.

Anonymous said...

I like these Blasts from the Past Monette, all I can say is WOW! The pic of you smiling is my favorite! Thats the Monette I remember! You should have these photos framed, one day you can show your Grandkids how Hot Grandma was! James

cindy wilson said...

Like the pics...Yes makes me want to scan in some old pics of me. There is always a story behind the pics to share. I just have to figure out how to do it. LOL All my pics usually looks like a mug photo. LOL


Awareness said...

It totally makes me want to scan some old pics!! Or at least take a gander again.

I love this story. It always amazes me how some friend such synchronistic moments. The fact that you and your photog friend have remain friends over a couple of spontaneous photos is should always be open to connecting with others. you never know where it will take you.

Michele says hi......and so do i..

enjoy your friday evening, wherever it takes you.

PI said...

Of course he would want to photograph such an interesting, pretty girl. Thank you for sharing and if you want further blasts from the past do visit me. My story started in the thities and I am up to my first child - in the story with some thrills and spills along the way. All the best from Michele

Theo said...

now comes the time when we enter the age of reflection and pnder things not-so-new, and yet see with new eyes. your photos have opened my eyes to remember scenes of my past. thank you.

Michele sent me. i'm glad she did.

Mike Davis said...

That's a great photo story and yes, it does make me want to scan my pictures!

Oh, Michele sent me!

colleen said...

It was fun to see the sequence of events. Like a little mini movie with subtitles.

Michele says hi too.

sage said...

Nice story and photo. When I got a digital camera this past year, I picked up an adapter that allows me to copy slides and have shown some of those with my stories. Michele says hi

kenju said...

MOON!! The pics are wonderful, and you were so hot! (Yes, I can say that, even though I am a woman...LOL)

I will look for some more old pics of me soon, and do post more of you!

Paul said...

Very exciting pics! Good job. Hey, why don't you send some pics of you in your favorite hat(s). I'll post them on my Hats blog.

Hope to see you there, too. Go take a peek.

And thanks for stopping by tonight. Have a great weekend.