Wednesday, September 12, 2007


Today, Chris and I both had dentists appointments. Cavity repairs yada yada. We always try to schedule our appointments together since we have to have a sitter anyway...we usually plan to do a few other things with out time afterwards.

So both of us had half our faces numb when we were done. Lopsided grins and hoping we weren't each drooling. How sexy. We were being silly trying to kiss eachother...and while laughing it was even funnier....droopy corner meeting smiley corner...The receptionist took it all in stride lol..

Luckily I love my dentist..I have dentist horror stories so it took me yrs to find one that I totally trusted. I have had this dentist over 16 yrs. He has NEVER hurt me. YAY for great dentist!!! They don't get enough acalades!

We had a few errands to run..and decided to put off getting lunch till we were both sure we wouldn't dribble all over ourselves.

One thing I definately had to do was get a few clothes. I have been pretty good about altering clothes so far, mostly summer stuff like capri's etc. But now, with fall here, I really needed some pants.

So we went to one of my fav stores..and although I haven't lost any lbs in the last 6 weeks ( frustrating as all hell!) My body still continues to change from working out. I couldn't believe that a size 14...YES 14 pant fits me!!!! They look great too btw lol. I got a black pair and a grey pair. Chris also pointed out that most all my tops are too big also...(perfect husband he is) So I tryed on a few tops. I am now wearing the smallest size of top in the store...and the smallest pants...Soon I will actually have to shop in regular sized clothing stores...hard to believe.


Sorry , just had to say it again lol.

This weekend I am going to the Montreal Tatoo convention. My brother in law will be there. It will be the first time I have been to one of those. I have wanted Glen to redo my lower back tatoo. He wasn't the person who originally did it. It's very nice ( designed it myself) but it could have been done alot better. It was a tatoo I had done at 38 yrs old to mark a new beginning in my life when I left my daughter's father and started over again.

At any rate my BIL Glen is very good...and I am not just saying that because he's family. His work is awesome! Since he will be in town we have booked off some of his time to redo/recolour my tatoo. Extra bonus is that my sister will be intown also, along with Glen's own mom. So they can shop in Montreal. His mom is a terrific lady. We plan to all meet up after and do some shopping. Another bonus will be having supper with them along with Glen's grandmother...another great lady full of energy and a laughing spirit.

I really look forward to Saturday...if I think of it, I will get Chris to take a photo of me in some of my new duds lol.


Ramona said...

Congrats on fitting into size 14! Me too! It's been a while since I was a 14.
I'm curious to see what your tattoo looks like. Before and after, please!

kenju said...

Moon, thanks for the visit. The table you mentioned was only set for 2 people, but I agree that if it had been for 4, it was ridiculous! That thing is called a waterfall, and the noise of it would make conversation impossible for me....LOL

I love my dentist too - and not many can say that!

Mother of Invention said...

Good for you for getting into that 14! That's really hard work, I know! I have a horrible time following a diet.

Dara said...

Wow - great dentist, tattoo touch up, new clothes, and weight loss - sounds like a great combo! Keep up the good work and congrats. Hello from Michele's!

Sara said...

Hello, Michele sent me. I think this is my first time here...and it was fun. Congrats on the weight loss! That is awesome to go down in size of clothes.

Sounds like you have big plans for getting the tattoo redone. Nice that you can share the time with family and have someone you trust to do the tattoo.

Have a grea week-end.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Cpntatulations Moon...How great to have your body changing and now being able to wear a 14...! BRAVO, My dear!