Monday, September 08, 2008


As this summer comes to a close I have to say that it's been a pretty good one for me. Many here would complain about all the rain we had , and we honestly got alot! I for one, am thankful. I hardly watered my flowers or garden all season ! My flowers are full and brimming and my garden graced us with luscious tomatoes and cucumbers in no time!

This summer I watched my daughter work hard next to her step dad Chris as they rebuilt our deck. They were both so proud of their accomplishment and had fun doing it.

I am also proud as Cleo returns to college this fall. After doing a whole semester last session of just credit courses in order to get into the program she was hoping for, it paid off. She started the arts program last week. It is fun to see how excited she is about it.

A friend of hers took some pretty cool photos of her this summer and tweeked some with colour...this one below is not tweeked however, her eyes really are that colour as is her hair lol. If u want to see the few others, I put them in the flickr..just double click on this to see the others.

Cleo 6

I have enjoyed watching the squirrels from the deck, as I am sure they have enjoyed watching us.

SUMMER 2008, Squirrel

Other things I enjoy watching...mmm....oops, sorry, got side tracked by my husbands backside.....just give me a moment.........................................................................

SUMMER 2008, Old Port of Montreal 7

..........BACK to more photos ........ Shinoo, also enjoyed watching the squirrels or the 2 other dogs goofing around as usual....

SUMMER 2008, Shinoo on deck

SUMMER 2008,

My flowers never looked better then this year either... even alot fuller then last time I posted a pic....the moon faced statue could still be seen in the past pic, now u can hardly see the top of his head lol

SUMMER 2008, 8

SUMMER 2008, 10

Autumn begins, routines kick in...the leaves start to fall and the flowers will die. Although some may be sad I look forward to the next adventures to come. We must make room for the new growth , the new year, the new things in our lives to sprout.......Ok, in these parts, we usually have to dig ourselves out of banks of snow first but hey, it's all part of the fun lol!

I know many of you out there live in places that have little season changes unlike us. I personally love the change of season, there is something to be enjoyed with every season ...or not lol...and always something to look forward to for the next one.

Do you like the different seasons, or would u prefer to live in a climate that has very little change, no snow, no real get my drift? What are your thoughts?


Granny Annie said...

Your photos are spectacular and the one of Cleo is because she is spectacular -- like her mom!

I guess I enjoy the changing seasons. Summer could be a little less hot but I do enjoy Fall, Winter, Spring and most of the Summer. It was interesting to think about that question.

kenju said...

Cleo and your flowers are beautiful, Moon! Cleo's eyes are mesmerizing.

I like seasonal change, but I don't like much snow and ice.

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...

Your daughter is stunning and those eyes....WOW!
Very sweet pictures of the squirrel and your doggies, too!

The flowers look so very pretty around that tree.....I LOVE living here in Southern California. We do have some seasonal changes, though we do not hane "winter" as you know it...but I really like just the semi Weather changes we have. For one, something is always blooming and growing---at least, in my garden there is....And I cannot take the very very coold winters anymore. And snow? Well, in all honesty, I've had my fill of!

cindy wilson said...

Beautiful comment on the seasons...I would love to have the money to travel around and visit the seasons as they happen in each part of the world.....That is my ideal change of seasons....Great pics by the way..


rfun6 said...

That looks just like me in the tree. LOL.... !!

Anna said...

Cleo is beautiful...just like her mom. I'm so glad she got into the program at school that she wanted. She gets her artistic and creativeness from you too!

The flowers look amazing.


PI said...

Thank you Moon for a lovely cheering post with wise words, great pictures and a prime example of someone whose cup is half full as opposed to half empty. I hope the next season will be as rewarding and fulfilling for you and yours.

Bob-kat said...

I always like the changing seasons but these days in the UK the differences have become muddied somewhat. Now the onlt way to tell the difference is the temperature of the rain and the length of the days! It sounds silly but I miss the frost and snow as much as I miss the sun in the summer. These last couple of years have just been grey and dull!

Lovely pics and your daughter is very pretty :)

Melody said...

Oh I love your photographs you chose to share with us. Lovely.

I live in a climate where there are two seasons - wet and dry. I love both for many reasons... I grew up and have spent most of my life where there are distinct season changes - I was always an autumn (or 'Fall') fan myself... Now, where we are moving too I think there is just one constant season. HOT.