Tuesday, September 02, 2008


We had a great time during Judy's visit. Chris had the week off and the weather was actually the best we had all summer! It only rained one evening, and it turned out to be the evening we were at the Montreal Casino, so it didn't matter! LOL....No, we didn't win big, nor did we lose big lol...The fun is in playing a few slots and checking out all 5 floors of the casino. It's pretty cool, having been the France Pavillion for Expo 67.

We also spend time at the old port of MOntreal, took a tour trolley to travel along the length of the port..

SUMMER 2008, Old Port of Montreal 16

Me and Judy on the tour trolley....

SUMMER 2008, Old Port of Montreal  1

We also did the 3 hour drive to Quebec City...always worth the trip, but this summer especially. All summer was full of festivities celebrating their 400th anniversary. It is the oldest settlement in all of North America! ...


We stopped at the base of the Chateau for a snack...I took this photo there, it's one of my favs of Chris, so I had to put it here lol


Boardwalk up at the Chateau Frontenac


We had a great day in Quebec, got alot of walking down most every day we went out. We also enjoyed sitting out on the deck and having lazy days at home or just being goofy.... We went shopping ofcourse...and I had a cpl friends over for supper, the only friends I have here who actualy also speak english, so that Judy had other ppl then just us to talk to for an evening lol!

To be honest, it really seemed like we had gotten together many times before, since we have been chatting atleast 7 yrs...it was actually odd to think it was the first time we were together face to face. So needless to say, we had a great time and I hope she enjoyed her visit.

SUMMER 2008, Judy relaxing on the deck

This last photo was taken on her last day here. Sitting out on the deck wondering where the week went! It was a real treat for me to have a friend here and I think we spend more time laughing then anything else.

Many more photos from our escapades...just double click on any photo here and u will be able to see all of them. Enjoy.

Have you had the pleasure of meeting some great online friends? I know I have asked a similar question...I have known some people to be afraid to meet online aquaintances...I think everything should be done with common sense...and there are very different circumstances ofcourse....What is your overall opinion on the subject?


Star said...

I have had the chance to meet two online friends face to face. Both experiences were very positive. There are more people I would like to meet. (like you). Like you say, you have to use common sense.

The Witch Doctor said...

That's awesome, sounds like she got the star tour as we did when we visited as well ;)

You're looking good hon :)

That pic of Chris is a really good one :)

I'm really glad you enjoyed your visit

kenju said...

I have now met 12 other bloggers! It is great fun to meet and you feel like you already know them so well, so it is like seeing an old friend!

Looks like you had a great time together.....Good for you! Good photos, too.

Granny Annie said...

I have not met any bloggers in person. It is wonderful that you and Judy hit it off so well and the visit worked and everything. That is a cool picture of Chris. Thanks for all the photos and the great report!

Pez said...

I am glad that you enjoyed your friend's visit. Great pictures too!

I have met some wonderful people whom I knew first online.

Anna said...

I'm so glad you had another good friend come to visit. You're a few up on me :p

I've truly enjoyed meeting the people I've come to call friends over the years on here. I feel blessed with the friendships I've made and have enjoyed the visits.

When they've come to my home I was so excited to show them my city. My most memorable experience and to this day I still say my best vacation ever was with you and Chris.

Thank you for being who you are and welcoming me into your heart, your family and your home.


cindy wilson said...

Lets see, I met two guys that I met over the internet which didn;t turn out very good. I have met Peter and we are still together and I haven't met you as of yet the rest of the people or either family or friends I have already met.

Would love for us to met someday....


Melody said...

I have met one other blogger but I am keen to meet more down the line. There are a few in my old home city that I hope to meet in the very near future!!

Thank you for your kind words over at my blog.

(Quebec looks wonderful - I would truly love to visit one day in time. ANd how wonderful for you to *finally* come face to face with your 'virtual' friend. I have a blogger friend I 'chat' with every other day and would love to meet her!)

Anonymous said...

Judy here. I had a fabulous time and I didn't want to leave. Monette and Chris were perfect hosts!
I can't wait to return the favour, when they come to Vancouver for a visit. Of course, I'll be speaking a language they don't understand, so I'll have to translate. Ha!!