Monday, March 16, 2009


So another jewelry course, another necklace...this one is a totally different technique from the first, as u can see. I am really enjoying this course and the ladies are starting to losen up. First course we are all so serious and intent..second course, it's nice to see familiar faces and we are starting to talk abit more. I also found out that there is another intermediate 5 class course that follows this one. YAY!! SIGN ME UP!... So seconde collier...

2nd Jewelry project (March 09)

In other news, we are reoganizing , purging, painting, and hopefully soon decorating two rooms downstairs. My bedroom for one, and my sewing room to become another bedroom.

I have to in gods names do we accumulate SO MUCH CRAP...I think we could call it IN CASE SYNDROME.....I swear we look at this and we look at that and think, I will keep this just IN CASE I could use it some day....then u stick it in any available crevace u can!! Usually forgetting all about it..hense buying what u need SOME day, cause u forgot where u put that INCASE item, when u needed it in the first place..I am also positive that all those INCASEs, have some sort of copulation capabilities, cause they seem to just continually multiply!! overtake!! and creep all over the place! Even attacking when u least expect it! Opening any door, or closet can be lethal!! I think I was yrs overdue from attacking back. The war has been waged and I am going to win, even if it kills me!! When that happens, you can call me the INCASE-ANATOR!!!


Star said...

Hey Incas-anator! I Love it. I have an extra bedroom which has basically become a closet for all that stuff I keep "just in case". One of these days I will attack it all!

kenju said...

My mother was the original incase-anator!! She had so much stuff in her basement that was all there because "someday, someone will need that."

You have a real talent with the jewelry!

Melody said...

You know how you stop crap accumulating? You move about 8 times in 5 years and they stuff seems to disappear! Works for me. *heehee*

Love your necklace - very original. Can't wait to see what you come up with next!!!

Granny Annie said...

Fantastic necklace!

PI said...

Your jewelry is excellent.

Shannon said...

Where did you sign up for your classes? I would like to try something like that here, I'm just not sure where to look for a class.

I figure it this way, all work (and school) and no play (or creative outlet) will make for a very boring and dour me.

And I feel ya for the cleaning, purging and painting. We were supposed to go to DC this weekend and didn't because Romeo is pretty sick, so we decided to stay home and be productive.'s room? I think it's worse than the last pics I took of it.

Pray for us.

Bob-kat said...

A fellow sufferer! I have had incase syndome for a long time! It seems there is no cure so perhaps we should form a support group, LoL!

The necklace is lovely. Do I see a home business starting?