Thursday, May 12, 2005


Yes, I am still here lol. I have been spending time with Chris. We have been busy since he got back from France. He brought back lots of decadently delicious things from Paris along with really nice presents for my daughter, myself and my family since we are going across Canada this summer to see them. He left with a suitcase full of presents and returned with a suitcase just as full lol. Good thing he didn't need room for much clothes lol. Mom did his laundry lol.

Since being back we have started planning our summer trip which will be in August. We have also started planning what we will plant this summer. But best of all, we just got approved to buy a BRAND SPANKING NEW VEHICLE!!!! WHOOO HOOO!!! I know, I know...eye rolls...get a hold of yourself your saying.....Hell, it will be the first new vehicle for both of us ever. Both our vehicles are 11 yrs old . His jeep is about to fall apart if we look at it the wrong way and mine is running good but the rust on it is about to make it implode in a poof of red dust lol....lets just say it was now or never if we wanted to get any return out of both vehicles. We are trading both in for the new one...we have no need for 2 cars. When Chris is at work, I don't need to go anywhere anyway. I have to stay home with Luc. Oh btw, we are getting the super scotchguard treatment on the seats for Mr Pissy Pants Luc ...just in case lol. We are purchasing a Santa Fe 4x4. ...We will be sure to take a pic of it in our driveway hehe......speaking of get back to the top of this post and Chris' trip. We have yet to download all the pics he took so I will post some of them when that happens.

I also want to add a small footnote to this blog totally unrelated to this post. I have been tagged by a lovely friend to do a (MEME) thinging. I have to admit to not being a team player on this subject...I have never done a MEME on my blog and I don't plan on doing one anytime soon. But thanks for thinking of me nonetheless.


Squirrels said...

Well I am glad he is home safe with you, where he needs to be. If you got some nice stuff and want to show, then post some pics for us to ooo and ahhh over. Get me one of those vehicles while your at it. Nah it will be expensive enough just getting one, probably. But it will be nice for you. Im happy for you. :)

lab munkay said...

Welcome back. Missed reading you.