Saturday, May 21, 2005


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Look at that handsome m.......oops, that a nice piece of work or what eh?!?
We put over a 120 klics on it the first day. It was so nice driving around in a new car we were like giggling teens. Later that evening Chris says we need to get a small
CD rack or something..I look at him oddly and say, hun we have a place for them already..he says where?..... I will show u, come on.......
We both have new key chains with the automatic door lock/unlock and alarm doodads...he unlocks the alarm and doors...and the alarm tweek sound and flashing lights we see now that its dark, makes us giggle with glee again..(we are such goobers) the door, interior light goes on, I show him the hidden cubby hole he didn't know was there , he is like WOW hehe...we shut the door to go back in the house when we notice that the interior light doesn't just shut FADES OFF...we are both look at that!...I it again (like a 3 yr old) he opens and closes the door with a little boy grin on his face and we both watch in awe at the fading interior light ...two goobers grinning ear to ear.

That was the good news......So what is the one thing anyone with any car but especially a new car, Dreads?...either the first stratch or of course AN ACCIDENT!...

Yes...Chris had an accident this morning on his first day driving to work with the new vehicle......HE IS was either smashing into the back of an 18 wheeler or going over a wheel that was smack dab in the middle of the autoroute!...he opted to going over the wheel...duhhhh.....wasnt a major accident but the wheel did hit something in the undercairrage so it has a rattle. He got to work fine but to not cause any more damage he is having it towed to the dealership here so they can fix whatever is wrong...oh and lucky us, all dealerships are closed on weekends in Quebec and yay, it's a long weekend to boot with the queen's fricken bday on Monday so that means we have to rent a car so chris can go to work tomorrow.

I am so very thankful that Chris is ok and no one else was hurt. It could have been so much worse. It is just a real bumber and a kick in the pants to have this happen 2 days after getting a new car. It would have been nothing to us had it happened to one of our 2 old cars. Sheesh...dems the breaks lol.

UPDATE!!.. After being on the phone most of the day findng out about renting a car and other details, I was able to cancel the reserved rental car. Chris happened to bump into a colleage at work who also works weekends and ironically lives near us. She will pick Chris up for work tomorrow and bring him home so we will be able to save the rental fees on a car PHEW! That worked out well..a few bucks saved. Although Chris is sure it isn't to serious we still have no idea what its going to cost after a thourough check up. Ya we have a bumper to bumper quarantee but accidental causes still cost.

ALL IS GOOD I TELL YA, IT IS GOING TO BE JUST FINEEEEEEEEEE! (she says with a scarily miniacle crazed look on her face while squeezing hands full of hair on each side of her head)


Shannon said...

I'm surprised we can see the car for all the slobbering ya did over it :))

BTW....Black is just soooo hard to keep clean *wrinkles nose*

Glad to know Chris is fine and that he has an understanding co-worker who is willing to help out.

Hope the repairs are minimal, both in cost and in damage.

JustSue said...

I started reading your post giggling at how you two were acting like kids over the new car...until I got to the part about the accident...then I literally felt sick for you. What a total bummer for this to happen on the second day of having your new vehicle. could have been alot worse (the back of the truck)...fingers crossed that the rattle is nothing more than a loose screw. >:D< to both of you.