Friday, May 27, 2005


If you read my last post you know that this week had been difficult to say the least. I had a knot in my stumach for 3 days trying to deal with it all. My ear was also numb from being on the phone with this person and that person to then be reffered to yet another person. I did get pertinent info along the way but eventually came to the conclusion that we would be paying out $3000 in damages to repair the car. We do realize freely that we had part in the misinformation but it was done in good faith with no purposefull intention to hide anything.

In calling the Quebec Bureau of Insurance, I was assured that although they acted badly, the company in question was within their rights to cancel us and walk away etc. Now I needed to call back the former agent that had previously insured our old vehicles and see if he could negotiate insurance after repairs are done. If not, then I had to try with 5 other companies. If all that failed I was to fill out a form she was sending me then they would take over the negotiations. I did as she said and called back our former agent. He informs me that he could not talk to me about any of it anymore, he got that as a clear directive from higher up...I was like, what?? why would they tell u not to talk to me when u did nothing wrong? he just continued to say, u have to talk to my boss...ok, no problem, I just need to talk to whoever can help me. He insures me that his boss with return my call. ( am kinda baffled at this point)

Phone rings..its Chris calling from work. He says..ARE U SITTING DOWN? ...Yes I say, WHAT NOW??... he says that he just got called by the new agent that insured our new vehicle...u know the one, called 2 days earlier saying.. UM the insurance company have dropped u and your claim......

He said that miraculously, the company just called with a total CHANGE of heart. They are re-instating our original insurance, will pay the claim with only one change in contract being, they just want us to pay our year of insurance upfront. SURE NO PROBLEM!!...give me the bill ,,,,I can't remember the last time I wanted to pay off a bill so fast lol.

We were so releived u have no idea but we were also very curious to know WTF...WHO , WHERE, WHEN AND WHAT HAPPENED??? We must have a gardian angel.

We found out who our angel is.

Remember in last post when I wrote how the Hyundai dealership, service department director lady, was really pissed at how we were treated? She went so far as to tell Chris how she would make sure said company knew that she would refuse to refer them in future etc.......

In life, how often does it happen that u hear ppl say...WELL HAD IT BEEN ME, I WOULD HAVE TOLD THEM!!! or THEY ARE DAMN LUCKY THEY DIDN'T DEAL WITH ME! or WOULD HAVE BEEN HANDLED DIFFERENT WITH ME I TELL YA! Then or if anything happens they turn into pithy excuses with deflated chests at the end of the day saying, well I did what I could bla bla bla

WELL this lady was all FIRE AND BRIMSTONE going to the Matt for us, ppl she doesn't even know. We talked to her this morning , she was thrilled when Chris called, he Chantal, we beleive we have an angel in our corner cause things have totally changed out of the blue. She laughed and went on to tell him that she had infact done what she said she would.

She told him that she called said company and used words that she normally wouldn't use in public. Totally blasting them to bits and sighting that with that kind of business ethic she and Hyundai wanted nothing more to do with them. She had 10 salesmen and 4 finance ppl who will as of now, remove all business cards of referral from their desks. They most certainly saved $3000 in this claim payment but they would lose a hell of alot more money in the long run from them no longer reffering them...and so on.

She went on to tell Chris that she felt great about it. To add that sometimes we sit at a job and wonder if we are good at it. Does what I do make a difference or not. She told Chris that after 2 yrs in her job position, she really felt like she made a difference and also realised that she had some good clout behind her that she aquired by doing a good job. In the end she needed something like that to happen as much for us as for herself.

What a woman of integrity...cheers for CHANTAL TARDIF....Super Service Director for Hyundai Canada.

Also another twist is the former agents boss returned my call. I told him that everything had worked out after all but I thanked him for the time he took to call me and Chris the day before and today. He went on to say he was happy all was ok, he thought that it had been handled badly by other company etc and to be sure to call them back next yr if we wanted to go back to feel free to call his employe(the one advised not to talk to me)to resume business when our contract was up etc

Not 10 mins later, Mr (cant talk to me) calls to apologize for is earlier abruptness and was so sorry if he came off rude in anyway. I just told him that I understood and that I had also told his boss that the only thing I told him was that Chris and I both appreciated all the time he had put in trying to help us initially. He seemed releived and said same as his boss about please remembering them in a years time when my present contract was up. They would be pleased to try and get us the best price and do business with us again.


We told Chantal that words could not really express how thankful we are to her. She said that was thanks enough.
But just to try and show her, she will be receiving a really nice bouquet of flowers in a gorgeous vase this afternoon at her desk hehe.............I mean WOW she saved us 3's the least we can do.

Card says......Chantal, it's not often that people get the chance to thank their gardian angel. THANK YOU............Chris & Monette


Michelle said...

What a beautiful end to the story, it's nice to hear of someone going that extra mile for a change!

Shannon said...


That's awesome that you found out who it was that helped you. All to often we do get help when we least expect it and then are unable to show our gratitude for whatever that reason. I'm glad you were able to getter done!!! :P

Hugs to ya both.

Love said...

I'm Very Happy for you about the turn-around. Hugs all around!! God Bless those in the positions to help us commoners. LOL I was blessed with an Angel that called me (No I never found out who they were).

Anna said...

I am so glad that everything worked out ok, even after all the added stress you had to deal with. Let Chantel know that we all think she is wonderful too.