Friday, April 22, 2005

Is It Me or Is Time Standing Still?

OMG! This is worse then watching grass grow or paint dry , someone slap me before I get hysterical. God I miss himmmmmmmmmmmm!!! (just had to get that out)

On a better note, I know that Chris is having fun with his children and family. Everyone loved there gifts and his mother really appreciated the photo album I put together for her. They have been out and about shopping. Chris has a list of ppl in my family to get something for because we will be going across the country this summer to see them. It's way cooler to get something from France then if we had brought doohickeys from here.

He was regailing me with his purchases so far when he almost tripped on his tongue. I ALMOST heard of one of my gifts damnit...hehe.

Tomorrow he and the family are travelling to his sister's. She and her husband have a resturant called L’OrĂ©e du Bois in a very nice region. The link brings u to the site that Chris is building for them. So far though he hasn't been able to load other pics of the really nice interior or the mouthwatering plates that they have sent us. Bernard is an award winning chef in France. They opened up their own establishment just over one year ago in a very hard market but have managed to stay afloat and even finished the year in the black. Hopefully we can get more pics on that site soon.

I called earlier. His dad answered the phone. He says to Chris as he passes him the phone..."the line is odd, sounds like she is far away"..chris says "dad! she's calling from CANADA!!" LOL

On Sunday they hope to go to an open weekend market with all sorts of venders. Lots of antiques among other things. Hopefully he can find something cool for my dad.

Today him and his son made a carboard plane out of a box lying around. They are going to decorate it all up tomorrow and with the digital camera they are going to try to film its first and only flight off the balcony lol...Looking forward to seeing that.

I have been holding up like a grownup so far but it also has alot to do with some friends like Rae and Rachel and some old chat buddies who have kept me company in a chat room I open in the evenings.I can't sleep unless I am really tired, that way I miss Chris less in bed. I am gratefull for all my buddies for being a great deverticement. My days are busy with Mr. Pissy Pants Luc and with his new habit of burping from the depths of CHINA! I find myself singing along. ...or trying to drown out the special sounds of his bliss...what ever works....


Shannon said...


Whatta bout me?!?!

*boohoos really loudly*

And to answer your question.....

Yes, time IS standing still and it's doing it JUST to piss you off! :P

JustSue said...

Awww quit your whining Shan...I've been there too and she forgot me as well! :-P

moon said...

Knocks both Shan and Sue's heads together..ya goobers. I mentioned Rae and Rach because they are the only 2 that have been on with me everynight so far, god knows I am not the easiest company to deal with at times, they deserve a feking medal lol...

Rae said...

YEAH you two SO THERE!!!
(what Moonie said)

you guys can come to the award ceremony for Rachel and I :P