Monday, August 02, 2004


One must stop and ponder
every small moment of wonder.
Savour sounds and smells,
let them liquify into every cell.
Gurgle with laughter,
smile with glee,
like when my dad came to visit me.

I have to say,
it was a fine day.
Till he let it be known
he had plans for my throne.
I have to admit,
when I had to submit.
I felt like a redneck
seeing my toilet
on the back deck!

Dad and Chris
all flushed and determined
had embarked on a mission
to get to the bottom
of the mystery it held
in it's position.
They washed and shined,
rubbed and buffed,
cleaned and gleamed
till that was enough.
They poked and prodded,
emptied and filled.
All topsy and turvy,
untill finally they stilled.

As it came to be
the throne had always been free.
So I gurgled with laughter
and smiled with glee
as I pondered this moment
of wonder for me.
For after all was done
one must consider.
It's very very rare to have
such a clean SHITTER! Monette Bouvier sept /2003 due to lack of sleep

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