Tuesday, August 31, 2004


This is the time of the year that most parents are breathing a sigh of relief that school has once again opened its doors to their demon spawn. I would be lying if I said I won't also appreciate having more time to myself. I have to say though that I will also miss her .
Granted there are some days that I ask myself if I gave birth to a sloth with a hearing impediment. Do all parents have to repeat everything 4 times or is it just the octave used on the 4th try that I have to learn to use on the 1st? If you know, PLEASE TELL ME!

I thought that her room had a floor when I bought this house....oh wait..THERE IS!...just can't see it but for all her stuff covering every square inch of it. I swear, if we hung a hamper on a teens neck with a lock they would still not use it for what its for. I have started to believe that teen clothes actually have an imbedded hamper repelling substance that makes it physically impossible for said teens to comply . I really have to get my chemist bf Chris to find the antidote...OMG WE WOULD BECOME RICH!!

Let us not forget the constant drive to learn our teens have in faithfully participating in home made science projects in their rooms....oh wait ...wrong again..those are DIRTY DISHES! whose fate is either to take over the world or break from the high pitched scream heard from my wrath caused by seeing said MONSTOCITY in the same place for the last 3 days!

Need I mentions the constant renegotiations worthy of a world summit pertaining to the freedoms and liberties act thus drafted in triplicette , signed by witnesses and put in a strong box incase of invasion? I have held strong to clause 4b. Teen will not have internet privileges on school nights , and clause 7c. Teen will only have authority superseding parent in the week of 3 Thursdays.

We can all bitch and gripe ofcourse but we were all that age once ourselves. Sure sure we were never as bad. They also have it so easy compared to us. It's not like she has to walk 3 miles to school in the snow barefoot...while churning butter...wearing holy socks in need darning, as mittens....and forget not that special time of the month when we had to wear a mini mattress between our legs held by a skin pinching elastic belt that helped only to make the mattress tails, ride up your ass crack and make walking so much easier...ya right.

All jokes aside...I have to say I have a good kid. My daughter is a caring, sensitive person with a wicked sense of humour. I really like her personality...u may think...ofcourse you do, it is your child...I agree that as moms we love our children no matter what..that however does not mean we like the personality they were born with..I have friends that have said asmuch. I am thankfull she is a very likable person.

Almost 14 she has begun the journey of womanhood and has already started blooming into a distinctly unique person. I admire her quest to not follow the mainstream in style , opting instead to find her own thing. Mainstream is fine for most and often far easier to just blend in. My daughter chooses instead a mixture of what some would call a cross between goth and punk lol.Not easy in a small town outside of Montreal keep in mind.

Niether being over the top, I have to appreciate the artistry of it. I have even dyed her hair candy red with black etc but yet again its not over the top. I figure as a parent if I encourage , colaborate and enjoy her quest in defining her own style, chances are she won't need to become a total FREAK like some when they get older. Many had parents who didn't atleast try to understand a need to indentify themselves and/or just want to be different from others........That is my theory and I am sticking to it........Having said all that I now decree it to be a SCHOOL DAY!!!!


Squirrels said...

Yep, it sounds just like my kids. No dishes, dirty clothes, throwins stuff around. :)

Amanda said...

Yep, that sounds just like me. However to be fair i keep the rest of the house spotless. The tornado just stays specifically here in my room.

Shannon said...

I just gotta say.........

I was a model child with an ideal mother, raised in the finest home and had no idea that people could do the things they can do. I was totally sheltered from the realities of everyday life.....

*shaking head*

Oh god, I can't do, I can't go any further. I can't believe I got all that out without having God strike me down for lying my ass off. Let alone say it all with a straight face!!!

Yanno, she doesn't realize it now and probably won't until waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay in the future (like when she's 40 and starts dating) how great a mom she's got. If mine could have only been a tenth as good as you I probably wouldn't be the neurotic mess I am today........Scratch that....you are my best friend.....I'd probably STILL end up a neurotic mess, just alot less stressed :D

Rae said...

I was exactly the same way when I was a teen... but then again I'm 25 and still haven't grown out of the clothes everywhere but inthe hamper stage... ;)

Red Clover said...

The only bad thing I can think of about the way I was raised was the fact that dad didn't do much cleaning. Our house was probably like her room. As a result it's hard for me to keep a "clean" house. My house is usually clean but cluttered. You wont get hepatitis from the kitchen or the bathroom, but I wont promise all the clothes are in the hamper.. oh except for the hamper in front of the dryer.. leave that hamper alone.. those are the clean clothes I haven't put up yet!

Scroller said...

The science experiments in a room, how common that seems. I have learned so much from my kids rooms. Some things I didnt want to learn.
I usually go into the rooms when there are no bowls or spoons left in the kitchen.
I seriously think that two of the main food groups in a childs life are Icecream and Cereal.
We actually broke down and bought new spoons this week.
Can coke actually eat a metal spoon?

Scroller said...

I just had an awesome idea. My kids are grown up now and only one has left home. I wanted to downsize the house but that is such a hassle with the lawyers and realtors. I have come up with a no cost solution to get my children to leave. I wont even have to ask them. There will be no hard feelings, and they will always call me before they come back home again.
Who would have thougth, that all my problems could be solved, by walking around nude????