Tuesday, August 24, 2004


It used to be that one must never talk of Religion or Politics but it would seem we should add another topic to the TABOO list under the heading or headings of Moral Responsability, Good Example, Doing the Right Thing or just Choosing the High Road.
These seem to be outdated, outlandish and outradious concepts these days. We have no problem talking about sex , asking for sex, asking about sex ,,,and I am no exeption to that. We are freely willing to answer silly tests that ask questions like...how many lovers have u had at the same time or have u licked ass or have u ever praticed bondage or had anal sex...the list goes on with many more questions I won't begin to repeat lol....seems no one minds answering all these. For the most part in search of the magic number that determines your *freakness, *curruptness or plain ordinaryness lol. Heck I have done them all myself and according to most I can be a super freak lol...the point I am trying to make is why is it so acceptable to talk about such intimate, private, maybe even decedent things yet ,introduce the subject of basic morals and OMG THE SHIT WILL HIT THE FAN.
I say this because those who know me and my partner, also know he recently posted a general but very opinionated letter to a group we belong to. He was courageous enough to state his thoughts about all the crap he has seen and heard about some ppl we know and just some in general....niether one of us is religious...so we aren't bible quoting pions...as a matter of fact he is athiest where as I have my own faith in something greater then me, just not sure what.
His point , although rather heated at the time of the post , was just frustation and disappointment directed towards the more and more prevalent lack of moral bahaviour among us. God forbid pointing out the sad fact of ppl having romantic cyber relationships while still married...or physically cheating on your significant other...basically the same thing as far as I am concerned...(both are intimate actions with someone other then their partner). Lets not forget all the lies being maintained to pull it off. ......WOW..he was quoted the bible lol..by someone apparently offended..thats ironic isn't it. Let he who hasn't sinned cast the first stone...funny I told him that this quote would be used against him even before he sent his post. I am the first to admit we have both sinned and made mistakes a fair share in our lives. Isn't the point to learning and growing, a way to try and make less mistakes and be better people? Not repeat bad actions of the past? Or reaccess what we are doing to eachother in the now? What happened to being a good example or making better choices . Why has it become something to be linged for... how dare you have an opinion on ppl doing the wrong thing. How dare it make someone actually take a step back and look at it for what its worth. How dare u NOT validate reprehensible behavior with all kinds of excuses. ....so if you get away with it, that makes it right? ...someone even said..the net ISN'T REALITY...I almost fell off my chair lmao..wonder if that persons ancestor thought the first conversation on the telephone was actually angels on the other end. Technology makes interaction different certainly but that doesn't make the persons on the other side of the computer any less REAL. ...Heck what happened to fidelity , truth, common sense, acting with pride and honor? Do we stop teaching these things to our children ? Or is it DO AS I SAY NOT AS I DO?..As someone pointed out..what others do with their lives is up to them, if it doesn't affect you it's non of your concern. I can understand that point of view...its all over the place..its the same one that causes a women to be raped and no one comes to her rescue. It is also the cause of security in our schools. How does one explain to a child why their parent drinks to oblivion infront of them and is mortified to see then on the carpet drooling (I have tryed in my nieces case and its not doable) ...Let us not be so crass as to actually stop a person from committing suicide..wouldnt that be considered inforcing our opinion on their choice? Isn't our whole society based on laws and values? How often do u hear of *kids these days* have no idea what respect is or manners...isn't all that loosly based on the same ethics of behavior? What happened to actually making the changes needed in your life to make it better? Is it a now foreign concept to pick up and start over if u are so unhappy ...hell I know its not easy but if your not where u want to be chances are the other person in your life isn't to thrilled either. Isn't that better for everyone concerned including children to set a better example? So many have their * reasons* or should I say excuses? But yes I do know there are exeptions to every rule but there are safe houses and shelters and slavery was outlawed many yrs ago. Do u get my point? Maybe not and maybe so...if it has helped to ignite a lightbulb moment, this was all worth it and if its all been for not then
I must be totally wrong about all of it if so many ppl got so offended by the few things stated above... I guess the lessons learned in the new society are immediate satifaction, lets not be resposible for our actions, lets blame the next guy or better yet , let's shoot the messenger rather then ask ourselves why the message offends us?


~*Kris*~ said...


You rule... you rock... and I totally and completely agree with you. Odd that these days we have to have our morality in secret, while people run around making child pornography, screaming "I'm a sex addict" and everyone says "oh you poor dear" instead of saying..."ok... you're an addict, deal with your issues and take some freakin responsibility for your actions." The age of responsibility seems to be over. Or at least it's on vacation. It sickens me to think that people in my own family will get wasted in front of children and say "don't you ever do this" to them in the same breath. I just don't understand it. Maybe I have a different view now that I have a human being to raise. I don't know...I guess I don't want my son to grow up a womanizing drunk. Gee... am I crazy or what? Shouldn't our children have a BETTER world to live in than us? Why is it we continue to degrade ourselves even after we "grow up"? Shouldn't we have more sense in our 30's than we had in our 20's? Growing up is a process...we learn life lessons and we move on...at least that's the idea. Why are we so enamored with our youth when there is so much to experience as adults? There IS more to life than sex, alcohol, porn...drugs... in reality all those things just damage us, and the people around us we claim to care about. I guess this is a little long for a comment to a post, but... I just felt the need to give you your props, moonie... and vent a little bit! teehee

JustSue said...

Speaking as one who deals daily with a general public who seem to be more than willing to hand their problems and issues over the the authorities to deal with;(I am a tax payer dammit - I pay your wages - solve this problem for me now!) rather than tackle them personally, I have to agree with you Monette.

Citizens prefer to take the ostrich approach of sticking their heads in the sand, and reaching for the phone, "Let someone else clean up the mess." Sure let the convicted pedophile live in the community, but just "not in my back yard!"

When the local kids are getting rowdy, when the neighbour plays his stereo too loud, when they witness abuse or neglect. And heaven forbid they witness someone as getting perceived special treatment - he shouldn't be parking here - I am complaining - but I want to be 'anonymous', don't tell him it was me that called.

I am so tired of the NIMBY attitude. Exhausted by the "Do as I say, not as I do" mindset. Weary of the "we never did that when we were kids" self righteous responses.

I am far ...Far...FAR from perfect. I know the perceived lifestyles in Mayberry/Utopia/Shangrila where you actually cared what your neighbours thought of you (hell come to think of it, you actually KNEW your neighbours!) and you were held accountable for your actions are but a distant memory. I am not a religious woman, I am an agnostic fence sitter at best, but the one thing that religion in schools and in our lives did was provide us with an ethical code of living. Whether we believed the teachings or not, the code was good. The code made up the backbone of our fibre. Men (and women) have picked up arms - and lost their lives - to defend that code. In our hippy pursuit of world peace have we diluted our own beliefs and values to such an extent that the code is lost?

My hats off to Chris and you, for standing up and making a statement. The system is broken - it needs to be fixed. The real question is what are YOU going to do now to fix it?

Anonymous said...

quote*someone even said..the net ISN'T REALITY...I almost fell off my chair lmao..wonder if that persons ancestor thought the first conversation on the telephone was actually angels on the other end.*end quote

Looks @ moonie way to have chat... Remebers not to lmao next time you most something.. Christ i just did...

Rolls out the door...

Oh and yep its the wombat leaving this message.

moon said...

Wombat..what does (when u most something) mean? I don't get what that phrase means. I also didn't put this in CHAT or the Group..I purposely put it in MY blog...but I obviously also wrongly assumed it was meant as a funny remark on your part aswell....who knew?...If my using a quote to make a point and/or state an opinion in MY blog is not acceptable to you...then I guess the latter part of your statement rings true aswell...this is not reality so u can ignore me. Or choose not to read my blog.

Anonymous said...

Wow moonie. way to step. No problem in cutting folk down.*thanks*.. thinks i shall take my morals or lack off them that way.

<< doesnt hide.


Anonymous said...

It's me Tahnzie, I only posted anonymously because I didn't have a password. Anyway, this is the first time I've been here and hats off to you Moonie. I go way too far avoiding confrontation to have a blog myself, but I do have well defined opinions about what is acceptable and what isnt. I will freely admit that just because it's my opinion doesn't mean anyone else has to abide by it, however I have felt extreme pressure to cave into others views in what passes for cyber peer pressure. I quit the group because I was tired of the high school antics being accepted as normal adult behavior.

Based on the vast majority of behavior I've witnessed on the internet, it's really no wonder that chatting has such a stigma attached these days. You can lie, cheat, steal, hurt people mentally and emotionally and as long as you are "IN" with the right group it's not only completely acceptable, but no one else is supposed to mention that you've done anything WRONG.

To be honest, I'm not sure how I'm perceived by the people I chat with; I know the people who I count as my friends know that even though I can talk as good a game as the next when joking and having a bit of fun, they also know that there is a distinct line that I would not cross. I deal with all types of people in my job.. right up to and including vice presidents of my company... I present myself very business like and they have confidence in my ablitly to deliver what I promise. I can also suck a dick with the best of them; the difference between me and some others... I know when to do which; and if refusing to blur the line between the two makes me "uptight, prudish, or a stick in the mud," then so be it.

Hugs & Kisses to Moonie & Obi, you guys are the best... Good, decent people who are not afraid to say what you think; too bad there aren't more like you two out there.. and less like me, who avoid the spotlight thus allowing others to think misbehavoirs are being condoned.