Monday, August 02, 2004

Where is the damn plunger!!!

ARG!!! I am telling u this blog is not for the faint at heart, it aint purdy and it dont smell so good either lol...I have a finicky toilet...I swear it just likes to fill up with water for hardly any reason at all...seriously, I don't have small kids anymore that decide barbie want to go swimming . or lets see if this ball floats...nor does my border 33 yrs old, stick stuff in there, although mentally handicapped, he isn't THAT stupid....Nope, some days it just decides that u used one freakin square of ass wipe to much or god forbid u went all out and spurged on Charmin!!! I personally think it has a vendetta against ppl that scrunch rather then fold.....we are for the most part scrunchers, why do I know this? One reason is I know I did not raise a folder!! Another reason is cause I asked....I seriously believe folders are on a different astral plain then scrunchers...very odd indeed....PLEASE dont be offended if your a folder...we are talking about toilet paper here ppl!!! Besides I happen to know some very nice folders and we manage to co-exist im peace and harmony !

Anyway to get back to my's just a pain in my ass, no pun intended!! I also know there is NOTHING wrong with it excepts its own demented pleasure in toying with my do I know this??? WELL.....last yr when my dad was here, he too, noticed how this toilet was mocking us, and figured for sure there was something stuck in it or blocked some how soooooo...he and Chris decided to dismantle the thing, bring it out onto my deck and stick a hose in from all directions they could and *flushed her out...again, no pun finally come to the realization that it was just a badly designed toilet.....I happen to think the sight was such a funny one that I took a cpl pictures to remember it by, and one night late while looking at them, I in my infinate wisdom of nonsleep and cloudy brain, composed a touching poem in tribute to my dad and Chris that I shall share with u now.


Red Clover said...

I'm a "wrap it aournd my hand.. remove hand and have a nice smooth pad of paper" kinda girl... not really folking.. certainly not scrunching.. where the hell do I fit in lol

Rae said...

*stands in Moon's bathroom on my soapbox, wearing a black see thru thonng, red thigh stockings, with orange knee socks over top, sequined puce platform shoes, hot pink tutu, a midrife tank top that says "over forty and feeling foxy", belly hanging out, purple gloves with no fingers, a white touque with a Canadian flag on top of it, with a mega phone and says* I'm proud to say that I am a folder!!! and I AM CANADIAN!!!

JustSue said...

Have to admit I think I fall in the "quasi-folding" category. I am a bandage wrapper just like Red Clover (hi Jen!) I wrap my hand just like a bandage...remove the hand and presto! Bottoms up! Pun intended.