Thursday, October 12, 2006


It's been a busy week here in the 4th Dimentional front. I had a few appointments to tend to with work and clients. It's also that time of yr when all the maintenance updates kick in. Like Doctors annual checkups..Flu shots...Dentists...Pap Smears....OK I am the only one getting that but basically, we all need our tune ups before the year is out lol.

On that daughter is sick. She either has the mumps or an absess...with a side of Mono....yes, u heard it...MONO! Good Grief!....Will know more today...had a bloodwork done yesterday, go back to doc's today. Fingers crossed it's not Mono..thats a long recovery sickness and not great for a school year, let alone a graduating one...sheesh.

So when able ...I am still having fun amusing myself in the 3rd Dimention. This 3D chat is something else. I have been having so much fun showing some of my friends around in there. Chris has his avatar too so me and the hubby get on together for shits and giggles. Are we being silly? Certainly some may think so...or even juvenile...if you happen to think so, well all I can say is THANK YOU. HEHE

IMVU - The World's Greatest 3D Chat

I figure at our age, we earned the right to do just that. I certainly hope we will never be to old to do SILLY and enjoy things like kids sometimes lol. I have gotten many comments so far from ppl who clicked on the program and tryed it out....most LOVE IT... I say most because I haven't gotten feedback from everyone yet lol.

Other then the endless catalog of things to shop for (yes I to like to shop) to add to your avatar's wardrobe and accessories....the BEST fun has really just been chatting again with some old friends. I have become so disenchanted with Chat in general over the last cpl yrs that I hardly did it anymore. This however is different...its pretty cool and although it's still a form of chat...u can only get a kick out of it. Chris' daughter in France and my niece both have chatted with us and as odd as it seems...its fun to see Chris with his daughter in 3D...hug eachother. It's better then typing hug in a text box for sure lol.

So if u haven't yet tryed it...u just have to take a's free. Come join me and I will show u around if u want. Click on the link and after registering u will automatically be put in my buddies list...just send me a message in my homepage saying u want a tour. It would be my pleasure!

IMVU - The World's Greatest 3D Chat

EDIT:...Tests came back...the good news is no Mononucliosis..bad news is a very bad absess...had to get stronger antibiotics because after 48 hrs with the other ones, there was NO effect..if in 2 days with the stronger meds, there is still no change, we have to take her to the hospital on saturday to have them treat her by IV. She can barely swallow poor thing her throat is so send healing thoughts our way..she is miserable and in pain...cpl that with being a teen..well...she is on the verge of death.....Um could u send some thoughts of endurance my way while your at it?


queen of light and joy said...

this 3d chat thing sounds interesting. Michele sent me

JustSue said...

How awful! Hope Cleo is feeling better soon...and thank heavens it wasn't mono.

Will probably try out the 3d thing on my days off. I will message you for the tour! ;-)

CyberCelt said...

Happy C&C Monday. I'll pray for your daughters swift recovery. I am not a chatter, but it looks interesting. You certainly have the right to chat and to have fun with it. No, no fun. LOL

Rae said...

I've already told ya that I think it is way cool... however it is a memory pig... but then again I tend to run a lot of things at once... and have an older computer...

I hope Cleo recovers quickly... when you're a teen everytime your sick you feel like you're never gonna get better... but then again thats a teens outlook on life in general... ;)

Anonymous said...

I do hope that your daughter's abscess clears up very quickly. That must be so painful for her.
Must check out the 3D chat!

Red Clover said...

Poor Cleo! Didn't she have trouble like this last year?

Anyway. I'm awash in the last minute details of the (omg in less than a week) wedding... but!

Les can't use the IMVU Probably the fact he's still on Win98. (sigh)