Monday, October 23, 2006


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No matter how bad we look or feel our dogs love us anyway.

Ok, so does Chris ofcourse but I don't want him to get sick cuddling me lol.

I wanted to say thankyou to all my well wishers. It was so nice of you to drop by to comiserate.
I am feeling much better. The meds are doing their job...and my sweety has been taking such good care of me. The dogs have been keeping me warm for sure lol.

This post comes about because of a friend of mine. She called me crying this week. She has to put her dog down. He is too sick to help and she is doing the right thing so he no longer suffers. It breaks my heart the pain she must be feeling. She has had many good years with her LUCKY so it's easy to understand how much it hurts to lose a dear friend. It made me thankful that for now, my dogs are relatively healthy. One has alergies, other has epileptsi but the are both treated for their probs. So here is abit about them lol.

Honestly, I have such cuddly dogs. None of these pics have been set up. They have to sit on mommy when ever they can. When they can't they have to cuddle themselves...
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I swear, ppl laugh when they see our dogs. If we are in the kitchen, they are close by always, but the little one JUST HAS TO SIT on the bigger one. The big one just lets her now, it's part of the routine...we have no idea why little one does it but its so cute.
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Here are a few other pics of our k-9 babies...even at when u feel like total shit...pets somehow make us smile. So here I share some smiles with you.
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Yes they would both sleep in this dog bed together all the time. It got so stretched and used it didn't last long with washing it also. We opted for the large colourful pillow u see above now lol.
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I grew up with animals, we always had dogs, cats..even had horses, rabits and a wild black bear came down the mountain into our yard one spring in BC growing up. With exception of the bear...I always loved having animals around.
When I started being a foster care provider, the first client we had was alergic to many things so we had to go without animals for yrs. It was odd for me to not have pets during that time...ok, fish, but they aren't very interactive lol. When changes happened, we were thrilled to be able to have a dog again. Chris is alergic to cats so we got our dog, then a yr later got the little one...they add so much to our lives. I hope you have enjoyed seeing our critters lol.

I will coin the phrase..Your Turn...used by some blog friends...
Do you have pets? Have u always? ....What kind of pets do u have?


CyberCelt said...

I believe that when God cast us from the Garden of Eden, he gave us dogs to show he still loved us.

kenju said...

Hope you are feeling better, Moon. At present I have two black cats (they are litter mates & sisters). I have had either a cat or a dog and sometimes both since I was 4 years old.

Rae said...

We've always had animals at my house... cats, dogs, birds, guinea pigs, hamsters, rats, rabbits, ducks... ya know you'd think we'd have lived on a farm... but we didn't...

Anyway, right now we have two lovebirds and two cats... and a flyswatter to keep them all in line. ;)

I think that Clochette and Shinoo are just adorable when they sit together...

I'm glad they were trying to keep their mama warm ;)

JustSue said...

Two feline goddesses here!

Ramona said...

Your pups are adorable! And pets will always make you feel better...somehow they know when you are unwell...physically or emotionally.
You already know how much I love my two kitties!
Glad to hear that you are on the mend.

Wordnerd said...

So sorry you're feeling under the weather -- hope you get back to normal soon! So sorry, too, for your friend. It's so hard to let go of our pets.

Hi from Michele's tonight.

Pearl said...

Glad you're on the mend and have someone to take care of you, and those cuddly pups. :)

Yes, I have 2 cat now and have almost always had a dog or cats. They are such giving little souls.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for stopping by my page and pointing out that my "About Me" section has disappeared. I'll look into that :-)
Lovely pups! I currently have a dog, Rupert (I posted about him a little while ago), a cat, Deme (short for Demeter), and a goldfish, Oliver (who does not seem to be long for this world).
My heart goes out to your friend, as nothing comes close to the tearing that is felt when our babies have to go. At least it sounds like she is doing the right thing. Please give her a hug from me.
The other Moonie from Montreal.

kenju said...

Moon, you have been gone long enough now. Please tell us that you are okay??

Red Clover said...

Moon. All I can say is forgive us for our self absorbion... You know we love you guys! I'm just now starting to blog the "whole story"

Even still.. James' dog.. the Black Lab named "Sandy" by my son, of course, has gone missing..

The landlord's have a pool.. pray for us.. They are having someone "drag" it in the morning, since even as recently as a week ago she's taken to "playing" in water.

Lord I hope the dog didn't fall in and drown. It's haunted my dreams (and James') for the last 2 days...

Red Clover said...

Jeeze.. I just re-read whbat I typed from pure and simple stress and thoughtlessness

I hope you are feeling better SOON! We love you!

Call me.. Im home. Hugs!