Saturday, November 04, 2006

I AM FINE THANKS.....(Physically atleast- Mentally is a whole different story lol)

Well, I got good and told by Kenju that I have been gone long enough lol....and YES I AM OK...Thanks for caring. I was actually surprised that somebody noticed.

I just haven't had much of anything to say. Things with daughter are LIVABLE...she has a BF. Yes it's her first. It's all or nothing with her I tell ya. She was never boy crazy (like her mom). There was rarely a boy that turned her head. She turns 16 and BAMB!..Meets a guy..and starts dating him....All or nothing? Well...from no boys, to a 19 yr old with a nice car and an APARTMENT!...OY VEY!....

The good news is, he works 2 jobs...shares his apartment with a buddy AND seems to be pretty decent fellow. We have had him over for supper a few times. He knows what time I want her in on a school night but I also told him he could stay and visit with her after he brought her home etc....I have tryed to respect her wanting to spend time with him, given his two jobs...and I think she has realized that I am not a monster and she has appreciated that.

I just know the shoe will eventually drop. How deep we feel as teens..specially the first love. I still remember mine. I hope I can pick up the pieces when that happens lol. Untill then, I will enjoy this reprieve from Anarchy

Other then ex's gf ..totally crossed the line. Because of that the little respect I had for him is gone and well, my opinion of her was just reinforced. I will save this for another post. Suffice it to say for now...stupidity and insanity do seem to go well together lmao!

For the few that have kept coming back to my page..thanks for being patient with me.

Whats new with you? lol


JustSue said...

'bout time you blogged! lol

kenju said...

Moon, thanks for letting us know you are okay.

Oh, first boyfriends......wait a minute while I reminisce. She will need you when that romance goes sour. He sounds like a good guy though; motivated and all.

Nice to have you back here.

Anna said...

We've always questioned your mental state Monette :P

Glad to hear you're feeling better!


CyberCelt said...

I am very late ofr C&C Monday. My son (16) has a girlfriend now. This is his second one. His first love just broke his heart. I hope this one hangs on and straightens him out. I am just too tired to do anymore.

lab munkay said...

Sucks being sick glad you are better. Get your strengh up and write a juicey stupid ex story ok? Congrats on the new BF in law.

Anonymous said...

Ms Moon,
Always enjoy your blog. Sorry i have not been around much. Can't wait till i am fully settled in here.
Hugs and glad you are feeling better.

Student of Life said...

Well, I cannot be too critical, frankly. With the nature of my job, and the fact that I am married again, I might TRY, but it wouldn't fly. I'm glad to see that things are somewhat settled between your daughter and you. This MIGHT be the downhill part, though. My daughter had her bit of insanity, or some such, if you could call it that(frankly, it was sort of an anticlimax for me; my ex-wife will think differently, being in the eye of the storm). But she is pretty rational now. It is a stage, I'd think, some more severe then others. But, gonna enjoy that, when Jennifer's son reaches that time.

kross-eyed kitty said...

I've been out of the blogging loop too lately d/t computer issues. Hope things are going well for you and your daughter (and her first bf. Whoo-hoo!)
I was a very late bloomer. Didn't have my first bf until I was 26! Better late than never?!