Thursday, October 05, 2006

WELCOME to QUEBEC and the Places we showed Mom and Ben

Let me give you a small guided tour of some interesting places to see if you should ever be in my neck of the woods.
The 4 days my mom and her hubby Ben were here, we tryed to make their stay interesting and fun. Luckily we had beautiful sunny fall weather. Couldn't ask for better when walking outside doing the touristy stuff. So ofcourse, being Montreal, we went to the Old Port of Montreal and walked around.
This is one of the streets in the old part of MontrealMom and hubby Ben
Ben, Mom and I infront of the Notre Dame Basilica ..I suggest u click on that to see the website...the inside of this very old church is breathtaking. Although not religious myself..I can only appreciate the master craftmanship of the ppl who built it.Ben, Mom and Moi
So here you have Montreal. I found a link to various LIVE CAMS if you're interested..bare in mind that these cams usually have one minute or 30 second delays but I find cams like these all over the world fascinating.

Next we travel to QUEBEC CITY...This photo of Ben and Mom was taken inside the lobby of the CHATEAU FRONTENAC HOTEL
Ben and Mom It has boutiques to see and a huge boardwalk looking down towards the old buildings below and the water front...breathtaking indeed.
Last but not least. On the last day here we were taking them to the Montreal train station where they were to travel by train aprox 3 hours to Ottawa to spend 4 days with my sister Brigitte....We had enough time to walk downtown Montreal but also give them the experience of shopping underground. DOUBLE DECKER CITY is what it is sometimes referred to. You can shop for blocks and blocks under ground. Use the underground Metro (subway) and never come outside. Granted walking down St. Catherines mainstreet in Montreal is fantastic on a clear day..BUT our winters are YUCKY! AND COLD! So, it's pretty cool that u can still access all the big stores and hundreds of small boutiques from key Metro stations and never have to pop your head outside.

So this concludes our tour of some of Quebec's tourist attractions ....I feel I should warn you that if u ever have the chance to visit some of these mom and her hubby Ben WON'T be in the background lol....I ajoined links to all the places I mentioned, so have fun exploring.

Have any of you been to Quebec? If not, have u been to Canada? If so, Where? If not...well, would you like to visit our country?
I would love to know where you are from if you care to share...


JustSue said...

Only 1 previous visit to Montreal - which we totally loved. Unfortunatly I haven't visited any of our other Provinces outside of
Ontario. Definitely have plans to make it out west one day!!

queen of light and joy said...

I LOVE Montreal, I adore Montreal. You and your Mom look like sisters, she's so young!

utenzi said...

Michele sennt me to see you, Moon--and not for the first time either.

I've been to Canada at least 100 times. I grew up 60 miles from the Canadian border in Upstate NY not far from Malone, Moon, and I went to college across the lake from Toronto. I've been to Montreal 16 times, I think, and Toronto 4 times.

Montreal is great to wander about but the prices can kill you! At least at the touristy type places.

archshrk said...

Hello, Michele sent me.

Thanks for the tour. Now if only I could make the trip. Maybe next year.

Karen said...

Beautiful photos! You look exactly like your mom! I've never been to Quebec. It looks lovely. Maybe someday...

Michele sent me today. Hope you're well.

carli said...

Looks like a nice hotel. I was in Montreal a long, long time ago. Nice place to walk around. I remember eating ice cream and being upset that I'd missed the last episode of HEAD OF THE CLASS.
Michele sent me.

srp said...

Here from Michele.

Visiting parents is always bittersweet. Fun but a mixture of relief and sadness when they leave.

Montreal? My brother will be singing with the Symphony Orchestra of Montreal in November, two performances before going on to Tokyo.

kenju said...

Hi, Moon, you know I am living in NC now. I have been to Canada; we entered the country at Sarnia and drove across Ontario to Niagara Falls the summer of the year I turned 17, but I have not been to Montreal, and I would love to visit.

Michele sent me, this time!

Joe said...

I've never been to Quebec. I've always wanted to go though. Great pics!

Here via Michele.

Anna said...

I've been to Montreal...twice! Both times to see you :) I've been to Niagra Falls which was amazing and I've been to Vancouver which was also beautiful.

I loved Quebec and plan on going back again. Unless the border patrol keeps me out :P

This is such a well done post, thank you so much for sharing the visit and your pics with us.


Shephard said...

Look at you and your mom... elegant casual. Love what you're wearing. :)

Been to Victoria and Vancouver. Always wanted to see the eastern cities. :) They're on the list.

Hello from Michele!

Melody said...

Yee-ha I am here!!! So glad to meet you,as you know! I would seriously love to visit Canada one day. Seriously. You are welcome to visit Cairns anytime too you know. I'll be back!!!!! Yee-ha!

scrapperjen said...

Not yet but you make it more enticing!!!!!!! Thank you for sharing your pictures and some of your adventure.

netchick said...

Being from Vancouver, nothing compares to our scenery, but I loved my experience in Montreal, staying right on St. Catherine's St. with girlfriends back in 1999... I'd never been there before, and was amazed at how European it was.

Happy Friday! Here from Michele's!

Brony said...

Lovely photos. I haven't been to Quebec in years.

Michele says hi!

Jean-Luc Picard said...

Beautiful pictures, Moon.

As for your question, I've been to Canada (I live in England). I'm been to both Toronto and Montreal.

Michele sent me here.

Brony said...

Just stopping back in to thank you for commenting on my 100th post.

Carmi said...

Thank you for that lovely tour of my hometown. I grew up there, and spent so much time as a student and a journalist prowling the downtown core.

I miss it. This entry brought me right back. Thanks!