Thursday, October 19, 2006


The good news is that my daughter is much better. She is finally going back to school today. I on the other hand will be making yet another trip to the doctor's clinic FOR ME! this time. ARGGG!

Yes, it just had to happen...I had to get sick this time. Unfortunately I never get colds or flu even...I catch a bug in within 24 hours it turns into full blown Broncitis with a sinus infection...if I wait longer, I develope pnuemonia to make it a nice neat package of MISERABLE , get me an oxygen tent SICK!

On a positive note...I no longer smoke so I hope it doesn't take as long to become a clear breathing human again.

I have been lucky and thankful regardless of how crappy I feel. The last time I got sick, with this was April 2004. Why do I know this? Well, I got so sick that time I thought I was going to die. It got so bad that I was terrified I wouldn't make it. It was also a good thing because it scared the begibbers our of me enough to QUIT SMOKING! Cold turkey. After smoking 20 yrs plus with a 2.5 yr break when I got pregnant with my daughter and made the mistake of taking a damn start again. I have now passed that 2.5 yr mark of not smoking and know enough to NOT TOUCH it again lol.


Ok...just got through to the clinic a minute ago to make my NO Appointment=Appointment!...Yes, u read right. We can no longer just walk in to the emergency clinic if we are sick. We have to be on the phone at 8:30am to call in to reserve our place during the day.If I wait and call at 9am, the day will be booked up so I would be shit out of luck and have to wait another day....With the redial digital feature, it took me 14 minutes from the strike of 8:30...and got in for 1:45pm. YAY...I see clear painless breathing in my future!

As Chris works tomorrow and all weekend, I am releaved that I will have started antibiotics tonight. Hopefully start getting better rather then worse while caring for my guys with no help.

My husband (giggle) is so good to me..he has done everything to make things easier for me ontop of take care of ME...and he can even type in stuffed nose mode to make me laugh..while sending me a message from the pc downstairs...I thought it was jibberish, till he came upstairs and read it back to me ...sounding like me reading it with my stuffed up head....after I slugged him, I squeakingly laughed my head off lol!

It just kinda sucks this time of the year...when u know the long cold winter is afoot and u get sick ontop of it..whether it be a pesky cold or flu or's like getting a kick when your down lol.

The Flu shot is next month! ....I for one have gotten it for the last 8 yrs atleast. It has made a HUGE difference to me. I won't go without it. My clients also get one. I used to get sick atleast 3 times a yr (with antibiotic for pneumonic and broncitis everytime) before I got the shot. Since I get the shot. I have gone as little as one year and as long as 3 years without getting sick. So huge improvement for me.

Have u been hit with an Automne bug yet? Do u get a flu shot?


JustSue said...

Oh poor Moonie. I know exactly what you mean. I get full blown bronchitis with every cold/flu virus I pick up. It's never a virus that moves on always takes antibiotics and steroid inhalers. Get well soon hun! We all wish you a speedy recovery...and well done Chris in taking good care of you and keeping you laughing.

Congrats on the 2.5 year smoke free. I am on again/off again on the dreaded weed. Since the big house purchase however I have managed to kick the habit again - 7 weeks and counting. Yay!

Karen said...

Sorry to hear that you're not feeling well! Hope you're better soon. Too bad about your clinic not allowing you to "walk-in". Is that connected to Canadian health care? Just curious.

Hopefully you'll be on the mend soon. I've been blissfully healthy for a while and I fear my time will come this year. Hope not!

Michele sent me. Have a great day!

mar said...

Hope you get well soon... congrats on you being smoke free now! I don't get flu shots, my friend does it every year and she is happy because she now only catches mild ones if at all...I haven't tried it yet since I am seldom sick (*knocks on wood*). Michele says hello :)

Gina said...

No, I seldom get sick even with 3 kids in school,,,mainly because their bedrooms are upstairs and mine is downstairs, plus I turn off the heat in my room unless it is freezing outside! Thanks so much for keeping my blog company during my illness! GET WELL SOON!!!!!

kenju said...

Sorry you are sick, Moon. I do get flu shots and this year for the first time, I had a pneumonia shot also. Our flu shots start later this month. Hope the clinic gave you whatever you need to feel better.

lab munkay said...

Hope you are feeling better. Thank goodness for drugs.

Jay said...

Gosh I hope you're feeling better soon, but good for you for quitting smoking, it really does make a huge difference for recovery time!

kross-eyed kitty said...

I hope you are feeling better!
I am afraid to get needles so I tyr to avoid getting the flu shot. Crazy coming from a nurse, I know...

Bess said...

Wow -- I hope you're feeling much better now. Sounds like major yuck. :P

I got a cold a few weeks ago, which was over in a matter of days ... except for the cough. I think I've got it out of my system now, but still that cough seems to sneak back now and then. Nothing like as serious as what hit you, though. Yikes!

Pearl said...

I was hit with the fall bug for 2 weeks. Ug.

Good for you for stopping smoking. Every year the body bounces back better.