Wednesday, March 19, 2008


Last saturday was a day out for me. We ran some arrands..and then planned to meet with a friend of ours for supper.

Our friend is someone we helped, when she came from France to study here in Montreal. Her parents are friends of Chris's sister and husband, and asked us if we could be a contact when she arrived here.

She stayed with us a few days and we helped her move into a place and set her up etc...she has become a great friend and we try to see her when we can. She totally surprised us last saturday when we met at the resturant. She had with her some xmas gifts to give us from her and her parents. How sweet!!

When she went back to france for the xmas holidays, her mom and her found a beautiful necklace for me and they also gave us an absolutley lovely wine decanter. We were totally taken aback at the kindness.

We look forward to meeting her parents when we go to thank them personally. They have sent more then one very good bottle of wine our way via their daughter, in thanks for us having helped. It's really been a pleasure knowing their daughter but we can also relate to their relief in knowing that we are a constant and strong contact for her. They know that we are here for her if she needs anything.

For over a month my mouth had been watering for a famous Montreal smoked meat sandwich at RUBENS Resturant on St. Catherines street, downtown Montreal. Oh boy it was worth the wait. Luckily I can eat anything now..all be it smaller portions...I even allow myself some deserts once in awhile. Not being diabetic anymore has been AWESOME... however, I have become Hypoglysemic sometimes it gets hairy lol. The dumping sydrome, due to the surgery can hit or when these things decide to kick in, it aint purdy!.
..Basically..after 3 small bites of a delicious and decadent sugars shot up, ..and as calm as I tryed to remain, in order not to interupt great conversation at the table...I was very uncomfortable. My heart was beating too fast, I was breaking out in a cold sweat...had major shakes and feeling like I was going to be sick but to afraid that if I stood up, I would pass out ..all at once. I kept silent untill I finally had to ask Chris to help me to the restroom so I could gather myself by either being sick or just being able to breath somewhere private. ....I had hoped it would pass before asking for help, I knew to well that Chris would be beside himself with worry..aswell as our guest.

Thankfully after being in the restroom for abit...things started to calm...I knew the worst was past. This doesn't happen often but when it does it really can be scary and unpredictable. Just something I will have to listen too and try to avoid. My body is teaching me new things all the time lol, some good, some bad lol...C'est la vie!

In other news...we have booked our rental car for the 3 weeks we will be in France. This will make everyones life easier as we will not be at the mercy of anyone to get around. The vehicle is called a
KANGOO lol...its an ugly ass thing but its gas efficient, and has room for 5 ppl and 4 pieces of luggage. As we will be traveling alot with both Chris' kids we needed a mid size vehicle. Let's not forget that gas in France is VERY EXPENSIVE compared to what we northamerica.

So the countdown has begun, less then a month away and the lists in my head are getting longer lol. I will start packing on April 1st...I have purposely not pulled out the luggage yet. I didn.t want to stress myself out more then I needed untill then lol.

So begins my total emersement into fun anticipation ...and anxious list making lol.


kenju said...

Moon, you gave me quite the scare with the description of what happens when you get hypoglycemic, etc. Take care - and don't let that happen in France!! You may have to say NO to their decadent desserts and pastries.

Bytch said...

Is thinking, i know i should stop it, BUT as a question, i know what we call a roast meat sandwich over here is, be in pork, beef or lamb, which as been cooked in an oven, an im taking a guess that smoked meat, is simular, but smoked right??? lol Im so blonde today..

PI said...

Judy is absolutely right - as usual. Please be careful so you can have a really good relaxing holiday.
I'm sure the French family are so grateful for your kindness and hospitality to their daughter.

Carmi said...

Montreal smoked meat. Happy sigh. Your trip to France sounds amazing: I hope you'll get out on a bike while you're there.

I LOVE the Kangoo. In fact, I love so many of the amazing vehicles - efficient, kicky, different - that they have in Europe but never seem to bring to North America. With gas prices staying high, I suspect that may start to change. Good.

Bob-kat said...

Hypoglycemia can be scary. I can get hyperglycemic where I need some sugar to stop me shaking occasionally. Glad you cna at least have some dessert now though :)

A countdown to a trip is always nice and exciting. I am sure you will have a great time when you go and those presents were a lovely thoughtful surprise!

Ramona said...

I'm now craving a Montreal Smoked Meat Sammie! Sorry to hear tht you felt so terrible in the restaurant, that must have been an awful experience. I remember when Greg had his first panic attack at a diner, he thought he was having a heart attack.
You are going to France! How wonderful...wish I could squees into that Kangoo with you!

Flower said...

Hi... it's Sly... you think I'm an idiot.... and I may be...
but I figured this out
Vive La France... bring Roland back to me when you're through with him