Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Me at 6 weeks with my grandmother

March 5th......45 yrs ago...I arrived. Yes, that's me above, in my grandmothers arms. What a journey it's been so far. All the ups and downs we go through in a life...make us who we become. They determine how we are able or unable to deal with the diversity we are face along the paths we take.
Some of us, grow and some don't learn a thing along the way. I would like to think I have learned a thing or two...but the older we get the more we realize how little we actually do know.

I think success is how u feel about where u are in the moment. In this moment I am very happy. I feel charmed sharing my life with my husband. Laughing everyday, appreciated even the mundane...and being able to plan special things for our future.

I think as women, it often takes yrs to really being comfortable in ourselves. Even then, it's never perfect lol. But that saying, it's better after 40....is so true...but untill u get there, you don't get it. As I hit my 45th yr, I thought about my journey so far and I can finally say, that I like me. For the most part...I think we spend so much time ..trying to be something or someone else, untill we figure out how to be ourselves...I know I have many more paths to go down and many more lessons to learn but atleast for now, I like the me that I am getting to know better everyday.

One thing I do know for sure it that, I am usually lucky on my bday, so we are continueing the tradition of the past 2 yrs. Going to the Casino for my bday lol. First a nice supper out then a cpl hours playing the slots. Chris was able to change his schedule for the day, freeing up the evening so we could go out.

Oh and I am thrilled that it's and odd numbered year...I prefer the odds, over the evens...don't ask me why, I just do...I am freaky that way lol.

So to finish, I have to say, I love each new yr passing, I love my birthdays and I am proud of the grey hairs and wrinckles I earn along the way...although I see nothing wrong with helping them look the best they can when possible lol.

Are you a birthday lover or one who hates to say their age or crys on bdays? I have known ppl like that.



Granny Annie said...

I am always happy to successfully reach each birthday so I guess that makes me a birthday lover.

For your birthday, I wish you love, happiness, health, and lots of LUCK at the casino!

OldOldLady Of The Hills said...


I am one who likes my Birthdays, a lot...(Though I am not sure about that this year....Just not feeling as well as I would like to be....)
I LOVE Celebrating my Birthday and having a party or a gathering of some sort to Celebrate the passing of one year to the Beginning of the Next!

I LIKED my 40's a whole lot! And my 50's, too! (Of course there are dips and sways, along the way....That is how life is) Those were really good years in so very many ways, I cannot say differently. So, enjoy it all, my dear...Every year, every month, every week, every day, every hour, every minute,---Even the hard ones, and there will be hard ones...BUT, enjoy every moment that you can. It goes by so quickly, you don't want to miss anything, if you can help it---Even the hard parts!

kenju said...

Happy Birthday, Moon! I'm sorry I didn't get here earlier.

I love having birthdays; they are better then the alternative!

Anonymous said...

I never make a big deal of my own Bdays.
But this day is all your's, HAPPY BIRTHDAY Monette.
Everyday with you brings adventure, excitment, laughter, cuddles, peace, grooming, love and happyness. Your Bday is the most important as it reminds me, on your LUCKY DAY, that I have 365 lucky days each year.
Tonight, jackpot or not, we will be winners, I am lucky.

Bytch said...

Happy Birthday from the Koala down under.. :)

When my 35 birthday was fast approaching, I told my kids this. Im not waiting for life to begin at 40, It can start now. And it did. Im not ashamed to tell folk my age, now at the age of 42, seems only gray hair gives away my age. And ive got to a point, where.. hell let the gray show, Ive lived life, been a child, raised my kids. Taken everything that as come my way. Ive earned it all. :)

Come on my 45 birthday, !!!!! nothing scares me anymore.

Star said...

Happy Birthday. Good luck at the casinos. I like my birthday. Age is just a number. Oddly, once I hit my 50's I found I am much mre comfortable with wh I am. Is your name Monet? Another blog friend http://melody-biglittlesister.blogspot.com/ has a daughter named MOnet aand I love that name. I tell her allthe time.

PI said...

Happy Birthday dear Moon. You are truly happy in your skin - as the French say. And well you should be.
I also prefer the odd years as in 1979 I found true happiness.
My birthday is the 15th and I always feel a little sad - missing Mum and Dad.

Anna said...

Happy Birthday Monette!

It was truly a blessed day for everyone 45 years ago especially for me because I have an amazing friend.


Pez said...

Happy (Belated) Birthday!!

cindy wilson said...

Happy Birthday, I like birthday's but really don't make a big deal of them anymore. Age is just a number, but I do feel as I get older I can't do the things I use to do, and have slowed down quite a bit.....But continue to enjoy life and takes what comes along.

Hugs and Kisses