Wednesday, July 21, 2010


Everyday that he can, my husband Chris does laps in our pool..I have to envy his love of it, not to mention his tenacity! He does 240 laps (10 metres long) takes him about an hour.....I know! nuts right?

Anyway today, his laps weren't quite finished when I hear him call my name ...then tell me to bring the camera!

I rushed outside to see an adorable little duck!! He had just decided to join Chris in the pool! No mom in sight!
Duck in the pool!
Duck 2
What's funny, is that this little guy must have just walked across the whole yard ..because he didn't have his flying feathers yet! He was loving the pool, diving deep, swimming all around it...the dogs seemed perlexed to say the, um what's that thing in the pool with you daddy? lol

Thankfully, our neighbours are avid bird watchers. They also have heeps of bird feeders set up so many birds come to feed along with some duck families. We brought our little duck over to them, to see what they could suggest , we couldn't just leave our little guy in the pool..

Thankfully the neighbours had a big cage they could rig, to feed the little guy, put a large pool of water in...and hopefully be able to integrate the duck to the other duck families when they showed up...the one gentleman next door is home recuperating from an accident so he can tend to the little duck full time...I am very relieved we had great neighbours who also have a large interest in feathered friends!
Duck 4
So that was todays adventure lol!


kenju said...

What a cutie (I meant the duck, of course) LOL

Bob-kat said...

Aw, I bet that little chap thought he had found a little slice of heaven in your pool! How sweet :)

The Fashion Blog said...

That duck is adorable! He just found it in the pool?

Moon said...

Yes, Fashion..Hubby was swimming his laps and when his head surfaced, he saw the little duck lol

RetroStyle said...

:D Aww , cute duck i must say and very odd day !