Sunday, September 12, 2010


This past week has been filled with lot's of new beginnings.

School is definately in session!

My daughter Cleo, after having graduated college last spring, just started University in a 3 yr bachelors program that only choose 20 students per yr!Design for theatre that will cover everything from building sets, to designing and sewing costumes, graphics, model building, computer programs...u name it they will work with it or create it. As I have mentioned before, I am very proud of her!

My step daughter Mahault, just started her 2nd yr in college, she did very well last yr, working towards getting to university to eventually become a sexologist, we are very proud of her!

Last but not least! Chris started back at University! after an absense of over 20 yrs ! I am thrilled and very proud of him! He is getting a certificate in Industrial project management.
My one stipulation was that he wasn't allowed any keg parties or bringing home any female homework partners lmao!
First day of university..after 20 yrs
First day of school, 2010
The week was filled with adrenalin to say the least lol..
Two of my clients started back at their program/school also. One has a 5 day schedule since he has been going for yrs now, our other guy only has 1 day a week for now as he is new in the region, they need to make sure he fits in ok, and hopefully availability with classes will alow him to have more days with time..fingers crossed.
As for me...things are pretty routine, Luke , our blind, mute will be home with me as usual. But I will have to get used to having a house full of students! Me thinks the oldest one, my husband will need some getting used too LOL...

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Anonymous said...

you could take an on-line course thru a university. That way your whole household is back to school.