Tuesday, September 21, 2010


I really find it hard to believe that my only child turned 20 today! I mean really..20? How can that be, I still feel 28 like when I had her...ok, depends on the day but STILL!
Alas it's true, she is no longer a teen and I am no longer in my 20's lol. But she will ALWAYS be my little girl no matter what age.
She couldn't wait to turn 20, said she was past being a "teen" lol..I remember feeling that way, most of us did. We figure out eventually that time does fly by us doesn't it.
So today, we met up with Cleo in Montreal as she had half a day of school only. Was a good thing too as she has been super sick since last week with a really bad case of tonsilitis, could barely talk. Today she was better as the antibiotics finally started to kick in. She certainly isn't 100% but glad she had some time to spend with us on her bday.
We did some shopping on St Catherines , downtown Montreal..and ofcourse mom needs pics no matter how crappy she feels lol, only turn 20 once!
Cleo's 20th bday St Catherines Montreal 4
Cleo's 20th bday St Catherines Montreal
After that, we went to a great fushion resturant that has sushi and japanese food. Both Cleo and Chris' daughter Mahault love sushi, and Chris and I don't but we like japanese food so its perfect!
CLEO's 20th bday 7
For her bday , she asked for a good camera. Last yr in college, she had to rent a digital from school for many of her projects and found that she loved photography and even got paid for some work with photos...so because it was a big ticket item I agreed but only if her Dad pitched in and she also paid a 3rd of the cost....Only because I know by investing herself, she would be that much more reponsible for it. She worked alot over the summer and continues to work school schedule permitting...So...we got her a really nice kit that anyone would be lucky to have...
CLEO's 20th bday 11
CLEO's 20th bday 8
CLEO's 20th bday 10
Chris and his daughter Mahault....
CLEO's 20th bday 1
Me and Chris...
CLEO's 20th bday 3
Had a great meal, toasted Cleo's birthday..( here legal drinking age is 18) and enjoyed some fried icecream lol...
I am afraid to blink for fear that when I reopen my eyes, she will be 40! (and I will be 68!) lol


Star said...

Moon, I am so woefully behind on things I am commenting on your last two posts here. I know how you feel, my oldest is 37, and in my head I think I am not that old. The body tells a different story though. and, you look amazing. Congrats on getting rid of the medication. What an accomplishment.

Bob-kat said...

What wonderful photos of you both - you look fantastic and you have every right to be proud. Good luck to Cleo and her photography. Taking photos is addictive and being artistic I'm sure she'll produce some fantastic pics.

Anonymous said...

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