Sunday, September 12, 2010


So as my shape starts to take shape so to has given me a wisp of confidense. I say wisp because I have a very long way to go to attain any kind of real big result. But until then, I can proudly say, I have lost a few inches most everywhere. My weight hasn't moved much but my shape has definately started to change.

My last blood work up and and doctors appointment a cpl weeks ago was very uplifting. My doctor was all smiles and anxious for me to get in her office to show me the numbers lol...Basically, my work up was showing numbers of a person who had NEVER had diabetis! She was so impressed, and kept saying she was proud of me lol...I can also bet, it's nice for a doctor to see a patient get healthier with each visit, rather then the contrary that is more often the case....

Down 7 lbs, not alot but good nonetheless...and we were able to take another medication off the list...cholesterol med was a low dose as a precaution, especially when I was diabetic...but now with my working out, and my numbers being so good...we can scratch it! That makes 8 meds down, in a 2 yr period! I am thrilled!

As of now, I only have 3 left....1 for my slow thyroid..that will be a lifetime medication...1 for restless leg syndrome, that will also be around for ever, unless I want to kick all night lol, and lastly, one for BP, but not for my heart, it also protects the kidneys, and as they were damaged when my diabetis was bad, it has helped things get better over time..they have healed greatly in 2 yrs, so we hope to be able to eliminate that one with time....I have to say, I was almost skipping on my way out of the doctors office!

As things continue, I have enjoyed the great sales on clothes. So after going down a few sizes, it's been a real pleasure trying things on, modeling for my ever patient and encouraging husband..and even gathered the courage to try on a real pair of jeans. I have always been of the opinion that jeans do nothing but excentuate the worst on ppl that are very voluptuous for the most part lol ...It has been atleast 10 yrs since I put a pair of jeans on. So yes, I finally tryed some one..and and above, I am wearing my first pair of jeans in many yrs lol...I have to say, I like then ....

First pair of jeans in 10 yrs & blonder still

Oddly enough, they give me a new confidense that I can start fitting into more hip..current things...rather then just strive for something to fit period!

Got my hair trimmed and coloured this week's abit blonder then last time, I like it...

As a totally unrelated bonus this week, I got a new washer/dryer set! Or should I call it a home entertainment center instead?...I say that because I am so in love with then, that I can just sit there and happily watch them go round and round...enjoy the bells and whistles..listen to the silence of them, or dance to the little jingle they chime when done, rather then the atrocious BUZZZ the other ones had...that would wake the dead! I am thrilled as u can tell! .. As I am washing for 7 ppl, my old set was just too small and I really wanted a set with a Sanitary option when needed, as I am dealing with clients with special needs and situations.

New washer/dryer set, yay!

Needless to say, I have been washing everything I can get my hands on this week lol! I hope to sell my old set, they work well, and would be perfect for someone starting out who wants a small frontal set.....

Oh, must dryer just started singing for me again...later!

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