Saturday, May 22, 2010


My daughter Cleo graduated from college today. I am so proud of her and how far she has come over the last 2.5 yrs she attended college. She has flourished into an artist and grown in maturity both noted by myself and her peers.
This evening was for the 98 art students graduation and their friends and family to enjoy many of the displays and pieces of art produced over the past yr.
CLEO 002
Vingnette , Office caos piece

This year, Cleo was one of only 5 chosen out of 98 students to take part in a provincial exposition.
Winning Students from all colleges across Quebec had all their chosen art projects meet for a weekend long exhibit...they had all expenses payed for that weekend, including many cool workshops to take part in...The sculpter that won her that spot was a machine called "The Money Machine" ..its an odd conveyer belt thing that brings pennies up the ramp to fall into metal hands, that never seem to catch the money in fact..they open at the wrong time....this is on purpose to convey how money falls through our hands, it also seems to just go round and round like society itself with money etc etc, ..

MOney machine
The photo of her in the other vignette she did, pic below also, is one that is Office Caos...It won a price tonight at of only about 5 given out this evening..She is invited to show her work in a real Art Gallery.
Tetes bleues

Below is a blue tarp with her likeness, each student had to do one...was hard to get a good photo of it as it was night, outside...What's interesting is that this is not done with paint, it's all done with diff coloured electrical tape! Yes Tape, all cut pieces to end up looking like a sort of pop art likeness...
She has learned so much , yet there is much more to come! She starts university in fall...for another great adventure towards a BA....
I have loaded a bunch of pics of her work...just double click on any of these here, to go to the flickr page...I can't say I understand all the pieces, or find them all beautiful lol..but they often had specific mediums and/or themes to follow. I hope you enjoy...


kenju said...

Congratulations, Cleo! I find your artworks very interesting, and the tarp is amazing! When I saw it on FB, I had no idea it wasn't paint!

Star said...

What a talent ! I can't wait to see what comes next. Congratulations to all of you.

Trinity said...

Congratulations, Cleo! You are a very talented person and I know you will be a big success!

strokes of mind said...

Congrads,Celo.i liked your works very much.wish you a great future as an artist.


Ange said...

Hey there. Just passing through the "Next Blog" link when I spotted Cleo. AWESOME hair! Love it and from what I can see, some amazing pieces of art :)

Odie Langley said...

Beautiful daughter and definately has talent. I am sure you so proud of her. I have 3 girls who are 26, 36 & 41 this year that I am also very proud of. My blog is titled "The Simple Life" It is at and I invite you to drop in anytime.