Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Urban Dog Photog by Brigitte Bouvier

This short piece was done by my sister Brigitte Bouvier. A photo journalist. About her friend Sue Bird who is also a photo journalist with a site called Urban Dog Photog. If you love animals, you will absolutely love this!! Enjoy!

The person you see is not my sister, as some think lol. My sister created and produced this documentary, so she was behind the camers, not infront of it lol.

The border collie you see at the beginning and the end is however my sister's dog Kiezer.

Please share this video! It will be awesome for both Brigitte and Sue in terms of visability! THANKS


kenju said...

That's terrific, Moon, and I think she'll go far!!

Anonymous said...

That was awesome....really enjoyed..your Sister and Sue did wonderful...Thanks for sharing...love, Fran