Saturday, March 06, 2010

Hortense & Matilda have relatives!

As I start my 48th yr, as it was my 47th bday has become more then apparent that theres some things we just have to deal with and try to do it with either humour or good graces!

I know what I want for my bday, just need to go get it for myself this week...or as SOON AS I POSSIBLY CAN! Let me explain.....

Couple weeks ago, Chris and I were shopping at a house wares store, and while in the bathroom section I see some mirrors. I found myself propelled towards a round mirror that had a long folding arm. The arm is meant to be attached to the wall, so u can pull it out and possition as needed etc...I have found in the past yrs that my eyesight has done that AGE thing, where u have to back up about 10 feet to see the writting on the wall so to speak..ARGH.. so yes, I have found myself stacking the rooms with those little reading glasses..atleast to make it fun, I have accumulated some really cute, colourful ones for chuckles, I look so cute with my pink ones decked with sparkly fleur d'ly accents on them while reading in the bathtub .....I digress..... back to said mirror..well I thought this mirror was briliant! But WAIT it gets better! as I approuch I notice it has 5X magnifying on it, so I had to look closer, ...OMG! I was so shocked, I almost backed into the display behind me! Seriously, there should be a warning/disclamer label on these things...(OBJECTS SEEN WILL APPEAR LARGER AND OUT OF NOWHERE TO SCARE THE CRAP OUT OF YOU AND EMBARRASE HARDENED CRIMINALS EVEN!)

So after my heartrate becomes stable I reapprouch tentitavely as not to startle my brain again...but mostly to confirm the worst.....Holy Crap Batman, it's true...Hortense and Matilda my two regularly reoccuring chin hairs have relatives!! (Yes I named my 2 chin hairs, as I got so used to seeing them over and over again, it just seemed fitting to me....)

So here I am thinking I should join the freaking circus! as the bearded lady, this is just WRONG WRONG WRONG!... how the hell have I been walking around in public like this, sheesh, it's a wonder I haven't already tripped on the damn invasion! I was mortifyed and vowed that I needed this miracle of mirrors...but I had to wait, as it was more then my budget would allow for as I sit here longing for the perfect solution to my utter embarrasement, I am wondering if I should find names for the new relatives.......maybe not as I will be going to get my mirror on Monday YAY!

As for my birthday itself, I had a wonderful day! I got all dolled up...with extra care, as I wanted to take some new bday photos before heading out the door and before my makeup fell off lol. Makeup is my friend!

47th Birthday ( 3

We went out for a nice supper then off to the Montreal Casino. It has become a tradition for the last 4 yrs...We set a budget and stuck to it. We didnt bring more money home but we had alot of fun trying! We made it last hours and even had one machine give me 2 hours of fun for only a few bucks! Bless Chris, because we got home at 2:30 am, and he had to get up for work this morning early. He is so good to me..and wouldn't have me cashing out the machine so we could leave...He said, just play it out, it's your night, enjoy it!

As I am now officially in my late 40's I can safely say I am happy and proud. Although I am getting older...I have also been on a road to better health for the past few yrs. The new wrinkles and gray hair I see, have been earned and I hope there's still alot of room for new things to be learned!


kenju said...

OMG. I bought a 7x magnifier that hangs on the wall and telescopes in any direction. It scares the bejeebies out of me, and I quickly learned to search everyday for chin hairs and black ones under my nose...
LOL. It was shameful to think I had them before and didn't know.

As I said on FB, you look terrific!!

Anna said...


Star said...

Happy Birthday Moon. You look marvelous! Maybe the failing eyesight is Mother Natures way of not letting us freak out about all those little hairs!

cindy wilson said...

Finally got onto my blog and your's after getting a new computer. Been meaning to put it up for sometime and just keep forgetting...Getting old and losing my mind...LOL Anyway will visit your site more often now.
XX Cindy

Anonymous said...

WOW!!! Nice Post!Kind Regards