Wednesday, March 31, 2010


I had a wonderful afternoon today! I was able to reunite with a friend I hadn't seen in almost 30 yrs! It's those moments you realize that time really does fly by! To be honest, it can also be abit intimidating to be 30 yrs older and on your way to meet such an old friend...but again, life is too short to let such things hold you back.
I was so excited to see Darryl again and meet his wife Barb...truth be told, he looks terrific and very happy. Within a few minutes, his wife seemed like someone we had known for yrs also. Very genuine and generous of nature. It's not always easy for spouses, when 2 ppl who went to school together start comparing notes and naming names lol...but Barb and Chris seemed to take us in stride and even got on well talking to eachother while Darryl and I reminised.
If there was one down side to the day it was that originaly, the plan was for them to come to our house to spend the whole day. Unfortunately it couldn't happen so we met them at one of our favorite restaurants in downtown Montreal instead for lunch...So the plan is for us to get together again some time!
The visit was to short lived, and I would love to make new

Darryl Kari & I (March 31/2010)
Darryl and next time...hopefully staying in our home or if we go out your way in future...Chris and I look forward to sharing more good conversations.....
Darryl Kari & his wife Barb (March 31/2010)
more stories and adventures and continued friendship!
Thanks for a great afternoon!....


kenju said...

And I bet he told you that you look terrific, right!?

It's good that you had such a nice time, Moon.

Bob-kat said...

It sounds like a wonderful lunch was had by all. It's great that you got on so well after all these years.