Sunday, November 07, 2004

I get the best comments

I really have to say I love the comments I get. One thing is evident, I know a bunch of nutbars lol. The new visiters to my blog who commented seem to fit right in aswell.

Meg I feel your pain hun. I quit smoking almost 7 months ago. I was a pack and a half smoker a day. I also gained weight. It is actually what put my body over the edge and declared itself diabetic. It would have happened eventually anyway. I am so glad I quite smoking , no more coughing and less out of breath but mostly , just not being slave to a filthy habit. Meg it gets better I promise and keep up the good work. As for moving in , well I have a huge back yard you can all camp in but I strongly suggest you wait till summer time. Winters here tend to freeze a mans balls into tiny peas and womens nipples can ingrave diamonds. But it is entirely your call lol.

For those wondering about the deck chair comment from Shannon....well ....when I lost 1 lb at the very beginning of this new eating plan, my mom was thrilled for me. She didn't want me to look at it as a small thing so her example of a bad way of looking at it was .......Don't think of it as loosing a deck chair off the Queen now all the lbs I loose we call deck chairs. O h and Shannon, I intend to loose them all plus a few life rafts, life boats, a couch, desk, firstmate and oh yeah the STEAM ENGINE!!! HEHE

Jenn omg Chris and I laughed so hard with your new favorite t-shirt line (grow your own dope plant a (G.W.)Bush. I love ya gf.

Anna I always appreciate your encouragements and hugs....and if my crappy horrors day made you laugh, thats why I wrote it. Was also my way to look at it with humour then remember it with a desperate plee for a gas mask.

Squirrels hun I am still alive and kicking. I guess we have never been online at the same time. I really miss you and all the gang. We are really going to have to make an appointment to all meet in a room and chat like we used to. I go into some rooms briefly now and it's just not the same. I have been keeping up with blogs though and I think your bathroom renovations look awesome. Great work you guys. I hope to chat with you soon. Hugs my friend.

Amanda hun, your butt is as cute as it has always been ya goober, I know for a fact that my 6.5 deck chairs have picked up residence on a small scooner in the south pacific. I know this because I got a lovely postcard the other day. They said "Having a blast...send the others as soon as possible.....and no offense but we aren't coming back, front, sideways or upside down."

Sev dude, thanks for the comment lol, if you weren't 5000 thats ok, like you said, close enough. Thanks for stopping by.

I have to send a shout out to all of you who took the time to pin my map. Wow it's really awesome to see the pins acumulate on there. Thanks for stopping by and participating. Each small pin and message makes my day...and the world alot smaller.

As for my meeting concerning the famous respite pay. I got a few bucks. I had hoped for more but as it is totally apart from my contract and considered an extra only reserved for a sellect few clients , I guess I can live with it. I didn't really get to negotiate, he basically arrived with papers in hand ready to sign with amount already put in the blank. He could sell ice to the inuit for god sakes but I can atleast say it was a fair offer. I had a brief talk in the bedroom with Chris before signing it . We both agreed it was more then nothing but fair . It would also pay for abit of respite each month without it coming out of my pocket or we could use it all at once for inhome care in the event we want to take vacation time away. All in all, I am pleased. Had I not been informed and asked about that special annex to be added to my contract I wouldn't have received squat. Let us also safely assume that *they* would not have enlightened me about it either lol.

Well thats it for today. All have a great day...........0x0x0x


Squirrels said...

Moon, Im just like you, I love to read and see that people have left me comments. It lets me know I'm not the only one here alone on this planet. That someone else is listening or hearing something I have to say. Even if they don't like it. Let's me know someone else has problems too, or that they are silly like me, or that they don't fit in, etc. Kind of thrills you that someone, somewhere else has read your blog. Huh? Me too!!

Rae said...

Hey Moon send a few of your pin points my way...on mine it looks pretty bare with only four ;)


Rae said...

oh yeah and did Squirrels move her blog to somewhere else...the one I have the last entry in it is from August???