Wednesday, November 03, 2004

A Few Mentions

Just wanted to say a few different things today. First of all I need to thank all the great friends and readers I have for leaving me comments. I get so much pleasure from the comments I recieve whether for laughs, advice or just acknowledgment , they are all appreciated.

I also added a guest map, I saw it on another blog and loved the idea of seeing all the pins on a map from people who visit my a blog. Please plant your flower on my map, someday I hope to have a map full of flowers from all over. This does not mean you can bury dead relatives or hide your homicide victims or use this as a pet cemetary. I realize for some this was not needed information but for others, one has to be clear and precise.

I noticed that I passed the 5000 counter mark, I wish I had posted for the 5000th person leave a comment or just say hi. I can't tell you why or what difference it would have made honestly. I guess I just think its cool that I have had over 5000 hits . So call me, silly. Just don't call me late for lunch.

Having said that, let me just announce that I went to see my dietician yesterday for follow up from the month before, 26 days from last appointment actually. I am happy to say that with good eating, no starving and using moderation with my favorite things . I have lost 6.5 lbs in the last 25 days. I was surprised to say the least. I knew I was slowly losing so I expected maybe a 3 lbs loss. I have to admit I was thrilled. I can only get better and feel better one day at a time. Wooo hooooo. Good for me and good for Chris, he has lost a few lbs aswell so fits better in his few pants that had gotten tight lately. It's all in the team work.

Last little update. I got a call from the paper pushing boss yesterday. He is coming to my home tomorrow morning with the other paper pushing pion that is basically useless. Anyway. they are coming to offer me a figure concerning my letter asking for respite pay. I have no idea what they are going to pitch. I hope it is worthy of my time and not a blatant insult to my intelligence. I have hopefully made it clear that I am awear of what some others are recieving for the same thing so lets hope we don't beat around the bush to much.

Speaking of Bush. Hmmm I better not go there. My opinions are very strong ones and I fear if I let them rip I risk alienating some readers. Besides being canadian, my thoughts are a mute point. I will say though that although I am from another country, many of us are interested and informed on a regular basis on the political forum in the US. The opposite is true for the reverse lol................All I want to say now is.......GOOD LUCK!

Wish me luck for tomorrows discussion and untill next post, all have a great day or week. Never know when I will post next. Hugs.........0x0x0x


Shannon said...

So you got rid of a deck chair eh?

How many more ya gonna lose?

btw.......I'm proud of you for losing that thing, it wasn't the most flattering thing hanging about your neck.

Something you may want to do just to have some perspective...... When you hit 10 pounds.....

Pick up a 10 pound bag of potatoes.......that's how much you've lost. As time progresses and the new way of eatting becomes habit, you'll find it easier and easier and the weight will come off with little trouble....except at some point ya gotta exercise too. Trust me I know.......and no matter if you say it in French or English, I know you just told me to bite cha! :P

I am proud of all that you are doing to make your life better and all that you've accomplished. I'm proud to call you friend.

Red Clover said...

Congrats moon. You're doing well, keep up the good work.

OH and my new favorite T-shirt "Grow your own dope. Plant a (G.W.) Bush."

Good luck tomorrow. >:D<

Anna said...

You are doing awesome moon, an inspiration to us all. Good luck with the paper pushers today.


Squirrels said...

Ok where in the heck have you been? I haven't seen you post lately, and I haven't seen you online? I miss you.

Meg said...

Hmmm...I have had the opposite effect with my weight lately. In the past 13 days, I've gained 13 pounds. Might have something to do with the fact that I quit smoking. Oh, and I was PMSing, too. *big sigh*

So, do you happen to have room for five more up there in Canada? Up there in Canada where your countrymen didn't elect the... oh, wait, you weren't gonna go there, so neither should I, huh?

SEV said...

hmm.. not no.5000 but something thereabouts..

nice job !!


Amanda said...

Im proud of you for losing the weight! However do i think i found it, it made a home on the northern hemisphere of my ass. Its, settled in comfortably and says to say Hello!!