Wednesday, November 24, 2004


Some days I really have to rack my brains as to what to write about. This is one of the reasons I really don't blog everyday. My life leaves little fodder for my musings. I share what I can but frankly my life is quite boring , although it is a happy one. I read other blogs written by friends hoping to enjoy small thrills vicariously through their experiences.
I have also been reading many others through the blog surf in Blog Explosion. Some are great and grab you emediately. Others are just add pages and then others are so bad that the 30 second minimun seems like a lifetime. I certainly don't think my blog is all that and a bag of chips. I have a few faithfull friends and blog aquantances that regularly visit my page as do I theirs.
The surf is just that though, visiting new and different blogs. A quick checking out to see if any given blog peaks your interest one way or the other. If not you move on and so on. It can be very interesting to read about people from all over. I see it as an adventure or sorts. I also love finding new things or different designs and ideas as I surf the blogs.
I was doing just that when I came across one such blogger who just wrote about all the things she hated about other blogs. Hmm I thought, ok. She went on to gripe about what people put on their pages, such as a few adds, sites, tags, blinkies, maps etc etc etc . So I am thinking ,SO WHAT!!! This person must have issues with the world for god sakes. I realize we are intitled to an opinion but geez. Why not try telling everyone how to dress, eat, live, have sex, and what pet to buy. I mean if this person was *bothered by all that and then some, chances are she isn't a happy camper. I have to feel sorry for someone like that. How miserable they must be to nitpick and insult every thing.
I am the first to admit I have my moments. I have even blogged a few of them. It weren't purdy. I do believe though, that, more often then not, my vents have been of legitimate cause or subject. I hope I am correct in thinking that I am a logical thinker and try to be level headed about most things. I am guilty of having passionate feeling about certain things, and I do get very impatient with ignorance and stupidity. I do not suffer fools. I do however have a big heart and I am generous to a fault if I have it to give.
I also have a tendency to stray off the track of the point I want to make in any given subject. As I was saying....
.......I guess I just wanted to say , I hope this woman decides to desist her blog surfing in order to aswage her persistant nausium pertaining to everyone elses blog. Her lack of adventure and acceptance of what others deam fun or cute or just anything they want to add to their blog , may be an indicater of a deeper, underlying problem. Such as , for example a symdrome laymans terms...the best way to translate this without any subterfuge is...she suffers from having her head up her ass.

With that I hope you all enjoy my silly blinkies, maps, weather girl, moonphases, and whatever else I decide to stick on MY page. If you don't, thats ok too, move on and have a great day.


Squirrels said...

I like your page moon, with all your blinkies and crap. LOL. The woman is probably anal compulsive or is that anal retintive? Or maybe she is the kind that thinks less is more. But with me, when I get doing things, art, blog, etc, I see so much stuff that is cute and I like, that I want to put it all up and on so everyone else can see it and enjoy it too. But I don't care either if they like it or not. Maybe she is at her happiest when she is gripping. LOL. Maybe nothing makes her happy. Oh well. I enjoy your page. Maybe we could go to her site and leave a comment that says..." If you have nothing nice to say, say nothing at all...signed your mother" :) But I wouldn't want to take away her little bit of joy.
Yes, I think the same way, save the gripping for something important and big not for how somebodys page is decorated.

Love said...


First off: I Love your page. Second off: Some people just can't live without Bitching. Sadly, they usually die looking older than what they really are. The bitterness is deep seeded alright, I hope she learns to enjoy life a bit more without demeaning others. Take care, Tina

Sacred65 said...

You goon
Let's spoon

Sacred65 said...

Yes...I have done it again. I posted before finishing reading your entire blog.

"ah hem" *clearing my throat* I LOVE your block...all of it's blinking lites and keeping me up to date on the moon.... feck 'em if they can't take a joke.

Now can we spoon? *LMAO*

moon said...

Sacred your such a cute goober..I lubs ya lol

Amanda said...

I really dont understand why people make such a big deal over how other people decide to decorate their blogs. Everyone is different, and we all choose to expressive ourselves differently.

lab munkay said...

My favorite blogs are written by people who are passionate and positive about what they write about. Something deeper than just a grip. So the blogger critic wanna be can just blog off eh? Moon, I like all your decorations and I imagine your house being full of both gewgaws and knicknacks.

Rae said...

Sacred's a Peanut?
when did that happen...?

and moon I love ya girl and all yer blinkies and other stuff...hek I got some of my stuff from the same pages ;)

Shannon said...

I'm thinking that the woman who critized forgot how to click on the little red x. Personally, if you don't like my blog, don't read it and move on.

I just think she was constipated is all.

Or needing sex in a major way because she really sounded like a huge twAt to me.

Besides if you didn't have alla ya schtuff up and hangin about, how would we know we were reading your blog. It would look nekkie without all the blinkies, moon phases, calanders, pics......good god woman! You gotta lotta crap on ya

(I hate it when I do that)

Still love ya though cuz this place just wouldn't look like you without ...... you. :D