Saturday, November 20, 2004


So I haven't been attending my blog much lately. It has been a bitch here for the last few days. Luc has a dire need for medication adjustments. Poor guy is not a happy camper so he yells for no reason or hits his head with his hands. I couldn't tell you if he suffers from headaches but thats what I would do if I was unable to talk to explain it. He is also full of that makes for a pent up personality if you ask me. I don't think this guy could have more fiber then I put in all his meals already. Let's not forget all his food is put in a blender. I don't want to invest in a fricken wood chipper for god sakes...or start pealing the bark off my back yard trees so he gets another form of fiber added to his diet.

Other then that well, I had to go to my daughters school thurs night for her report card and meet with a few of her teachers. Let me just say that some of her marks have more then enough room for improvements. Nuff said.

Yesterday afternoon we got a more then needed repreave. Chris and I were actually able to get out for the afternoon , TOGETHER! Although our time was spent mostly getting stuff done, shopping and paying bills it was all fun doing it together. Usually it is either him or me going out to do and/or get what ever because someone always has to be here for Luc. Anyway, we had the luxury of having one of those huge bovarian hotdogs and shared a large poutine between us for lunch,,,,YUMMM ...I know it isn't the best food for me but like we say, all things in moderation. We were able to get a few xmas gifts at cosco and I treated myself to a really nice stationary set that was in a really nice leather chest box. I felt guilty about it not being xmas yet but Chris insisted and had to bend my rubber arm to get it lol. We also went to Pier 1 Imports, I love that store. Lots of cool things in there to look at. I found some perfect xmas balls as gifts for ladies in the little salon I go to once every 2 months with my friend. One does my nails, one is a foot nurse (not a pedicurist) and the other is an estitician for facials or whatever else we decide to get done on that one day we go. All 3 are really nice women. What is cool about these lovely glass balls is that they are all hand painted with beautifull scenes on them (FROM THE INSIDE!!) imagine that eh. Each ball has its own velvet box with a tiny clasp closing it. They were all on sale so they came to just over 11$ each. I thought they were perfect and not to high priced and each of the 3 ladies gets the same thing but each ball has a different scene on them. I so love to go on and on and on about silly things lol. I just loved my afternoon out with Chris yesterday. Just browsing and stealing kisses here and there behind the fake bamboo tree or the xmas decoraton display.

We goofed around and browsed and bought till our feet were killing us and we were happy to be on our way back to remove our shoes and appreciate HOME. It was so nice to just get out. Our sitter was a trooper. Luc gave her a hard time the whole time we were gone but handled it without calling our cell so we could enjoy our afternoon.

I have a docs appointment next tues afternoon so we have already scheduled her coming back then and she will remain till after supper so we can go out for supper aswell. I am looking forward to it. It actually kinda feels like dating now that we can't get out together much anymore lol.

Well thats it for today. Hope all are doing well. Continue to bare with me , I post when I can. Good thing I am done for today, I have a blind naked guy stalking me. Arg , I hate that he purposely removes his clothing to piss me off it would seem. GOTTA GO


Anna said...

I'm glad you had a great afternoon with Chris. I know how much you cherish your quality alone time with him because it doesn't happen as much as you'd like it to. Keep stealing those kisses ;).


Squirrels said...

Are you trying to say Luc is full of shit? So he can't see and can't hear. But they have no way of testing what his IQ is. He might be really smart. I heard of lots of people that were that way and they later found out stuff about them. But I bet it is so trying. I wouldn't have the patience for it. Maybe he would like to dance. (But put a depends on him first, LOL)

I'm so glad you got a day away from it all. I would vote that I could have a month or so away from it all. Want to join me???? Wheres we going? LOL HA ha
I haven't been in Pier 1 Imports in forever, they use to be real cheap and had foreign objects and neat stuff, but I heard someone say they have gotten expensive. But those balls sound like a good price. They used to have (long ago) those beads you hang in door ways. I always wanted some of them. LOL. They make a neat sound, but I bet they suck when you get tangled in them going through the door. :)~ Oh well
Catch ya later

lab munkay said...

If it makes you feel any better Moon, I am a nakid Munkay who stares blindly at your blog oftem.

JustSue said...

Monette you never cease to amaze me - and my admiration for the work you do is endless; but omg gf I could never do it. The beauty of a regular job is being able to go home at the end of the day and enjoy some down time. Things we take for granted, going shopping, going out for dinner, to a show or just for a walk after dinner. How you and Chris do it I will never know! Hugs to you both!